Friday, February 27, 2009

Interview with a Beauty Blogger featuring: Amina of Coup de Coeur!!

Salaams and Salutations Beautiful Ones,

It is my great pleasure to conduct my first interview as a beauty editor with Amina of Coup de Coeur! Coup de Coeur is a multi-lingual beauty blog that has just celebrated its first anniversary! Amina was gracious enough to take time away from her busy schedule of teaching and procuring the most coveted handmade products to talk to me! I had such a blast talking to Amina! I felt as if I was talking to an old dear friend (I have nicknamed her Pusher go to her blog and you'll see why)! So cozy up and enjoy beauties!

HijabiApprentice of Beautiful Ummah:

Have you always been into beauty products (hair, skincare, makeup)? If so, did you have any childhood inspirations?

Amina of Coup de Coeur:

I haven't always been into beauty products as I was a tomboy for the longest time (until college to be honest). As a child, all we used was Vaseline for the body, Dax or Blue Magic for hair. I started wearing make-up at 21. Same thing with skincare, I learned about it when I went to college and I started caring about bath and body products when I discovered Carol's Daughter products.

I have always been intrigued by perfumes and scents though. My grandmother owned a small store where she sold spices and that's how I developed my nose, having a preference for warm oriental notes. At age 13, I received my first eau de cologne Bien etre and started getting obsessed with perfumes. It didn't help that my mother also had a huge collection and so many coffrets.

HA: Now that I know you are a "nose" may I ask what your top 3 fave perfumes?


Babydoll by Yves Saint Laurent
Amor by Kenzo
Lei / Elle by Armani

HA: I recall reading a post on your fab blog Coup de Coeur where you said your exposure to "extreme" beauty looks kind of made you make up shy. Can you elaborate?


Definitely! Growing up, the makeup application I saw was always over the top and not flattering in my humble opinion: wearing baby powder over a foundation (yes ma'am), wearing black eye liner as a lipliner, wearing a blood red lipstick, too much eye kohl, light pink eyeshadow, silver lipstick or one that is too gold, plucking all the eyebrow and drawing a harsh line. All these practices made me shy away from make up because I started believing the words of my uncle" le maquillage est la beaute des laides" i.e "make up is a way for ugly people to be beautiful".

My first appointment to a MAC make over in 2002 was forced. I have to say that the MUA listened to me and showed me that make up can be subtle, flattering and no one should be walking with black eyeliner used as a lip liner. Sadly it is a trend that some of my friends in Senegal still do.

HA: How have your beauty preferences evolved over the years?


That's a great question! For a long time, I used to rely a lot on magazines to tell me what I should buy or sometimes I'll ask friends. Discovering Carol's Daughter products made me change my preferences. I knew you could use shea butter on your hair but it has never occurred to me that you could create a line of products with shea butter and others oils.
Plus when I lived in Ghana and Senegal, I rarely used shea butter because products from outside were more valued. I remember when ORS hair mayonnaise came out in Dakar; it was THE treatment to do at every salon. Same thing with Motions products!

The very same year I discovered Carol's Daughter, I went to Zimbabwe for the first time and discovered a boutique "Indigo Tree" where everything was made from scratch using only butters, essential oils, oils with little to none preservatives. My favorite one was cocoa butter and lavender lotion. I could spend hours in that boutique and at the end of the summer, I came back with a suitcase full of their products. My mother thought I lost my mind. Same thing when another boutique Fleurette opened for business. The salesperson even asked me whether I was a massage therapist and was shocked when I told her it's for my personal usage.

Going natural also brought another perspective. As I was dealing with dry, brittle hair, I read an article about 10 ingredients/ chemicals to avoid and all the products that I was using had at least 7 or 8 of them. That's when I decided to only switch to handmade, organic products whether it's for my hair, face and body.

Today I am committed to it and support mostly black owned businesses.

HA: Do you have a favorite makeup artist? If so what about him/her inspires you?


Not really but I do have favorite beauty bloggers. Three of my favorite are Seymone from Reflections of Beauty, Jen of Her Juvenescent Elixir and Erin from Makeup Fiend. One thing that I have learned from both of them is that women of color can wear color. I mostly wore browns, golds and since I've been watching their FOTDS and watching Erin's tutorials, I am proud to say that I also experiment more with color especially greens and purples.

HA: I was reading Victoria Beckham's book That Extra Half an Inch and she mentioned that everyone has a beauty crutch and that her's was lip liner. I have 2 crutches bold eye makeup and my bff bronzer! What about you? Any makeup crutches?

Amina: Mine is blushes and a bronze eyeliner (like MAC Teddy).

HA: What is your definition of beauty?


That's a great question because it is recently that I realized that I have to define my own standards of beauty. I've always struggled with self-esteem and always kept comparing myself to other women, beating myself up because I wasn't skinny enough, didn't have long hair, etc...
Today I can say and I am learning that each person is unique and special because we are the creation of God. Beauty for me goes along with a person's soul and her relationship to Mother Nature. I wish I had a definition but right now it is still an ongoing process for me to define it.

HA: When do you feel most beautiful?


That's also a great and tough question because once again, I always thought that we see our own beauty through the lenses of someone else: family, friends, and loved ones. I don't feel most beautiful when I am all made up, dressed up ready to go out on outing. For me it is deeper than that and it has to come from within. I usually feel most beautiful when I am reflecting, writing or praying.
I've also felt very beautiful when I let someone go beyond the walls I built around my heart and let my guard down.

HA: You seem to be a talented mixtress, masha Allah! Will your goodies ever be available to the beauty world?


Aaw..thank you! That's my dream!! I am trying to find what makes me unique, what will make my products stand out because they are so many talented mixtresses out there who work so hard. I do believe that there's a place for everyone and I really pray that Inch'allah I can have the honor to present my own line of bath and body products one day. I know for sure that it will include cocoa butter, lavender and vanilla because these are my three favorite products for bath and body.

HA: What is your go to look?


Depending on how many minutes I have and how much sleep I got, I'll either go au naturale or wear mascara, concealer and a blush that can double as a lip gloss such as Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge or Stila convertible color. (HA: Amina has me lemming the BB Rouge desperately!)

HA: I know this one will be hard but what are your top 5 fave products?


Such a tough question for a product junkie ..

-Sweet almond oil: great for hair, face, body
-Karen's Body Beautiful hair milk
-MAC eyeshadow in Mulch
-Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in Raspberry
-Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll perfume

HA: Any beauty tips, hints, secrets you want to share with us here at Beautiful Ummah?


They'll seem so cliché because that's the one everyone repeats. These are the following beauty tips I am trying to follow:

-Get enough sleep
-Laugh every day
-Forgive yourself
-Don't sweat the small stuff
and most importantly, learn how to let go!

I am a very anxious person so this is huge for me because the more I sweat about the small stuff or don't let go, I am insomniac, and....gasp hello dark circles

HA: I am also an anxiety ridden insomniac lol so I'll try to take some of your suggestions to heart!


Thank you so much for having me!!
It was such an honor!

HA: Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us Amina!! Cheek smooches!

Word On the Street: D & G Makeup!!!

So am I the only one excited for the April 2009 debut of Dolce & Gabbana makeup??!! The packaging is yummy and luxe! I can't wait to get my hands on it and swatch!! I couldn't get anymore details on the D&G website but we'll keep you posted Beautiful Ones!



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Show Me What You Got Pretty Lady: Zoya Haul

Salaams and Saluations,

So I recieved my Zoya haul. I wanted to try Zoya because all the beauty nail bloggers RAVE about Zoya. Zoya = High quality So I signed up with the web site as a vendor..and I get whole sale prices **tip/trick**!!! Just know that all the discount codes do NOT apply when you are signed up as a Vendor.

Here is my haul:
I bought this one in honor of my Gamma Gamma Chi Sorors.





Yasmeen is a well loved color. See more reviews here.




I so can't wait to try these out. I'm going to have to do NOTD pics soon.

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

E.L.F. Haul and More

Greetings and Salutations All,

I ordered some new brushes from E.L.F. to replace some that had been shedding. I have ordered from E.L.F. before but I was not so impressed with their turn around time. My first order took almost 1 month to arrive without notice from the E.L.F. and after sending 3 emails I was finally replied to and then my items shipped. This time the experience was much better, I ordered late Saturday night and I had my stuff by the Thursday. Here is what I got plus a little more. Below are the details and reviews.
I bought the small studio brush set that came with the cosmetics bag and I am really pleased with the brushes and the bag. The brushes are so soft and the entire set was $10.00, what a steal!

I also got a replacement for my all over brush (the white one) because the handle on the old one was loose. I am sure I could glue it but, a replacement was only $1.00 so why bother.

I also got a foundation studio brush which is next to the all over brush. I like it and it is very flat, it applies the makeup evenly.

I also got the Brow Kit in Dark from E.L.F. and it is PHENOMENAL!!!! The dark side is a gel and the light side is a highlight powder. It is AWESOME AND ONLY $1.00. You can't beat that with a bat. I like this better than the MAC brow kit.

Of course I had to go to the MAC counter and continue my color addictions. I got a lusterglass in Decorative and a new shadow in Romp Frost. I like the lusterglass because it is very sheer and contains Shea butter to help condition the lips as well as make them look nice. Romp was an impulse buy, but it is still nice.

I also got a new hot item from Aveda called the Uruku cheek- lip creme in Canna. This is hot!!! You can use everywhere on the face. It is a soft, softly pigmented creme that can be used as an eyeshadow base, creme blush and lip tint. Talk about versatile! This is a must have in your collection. It is organic and nonacnigentic (which means if you have acne you can use it and it will not create more breakouts). It has a very nice finish. I used it today as my eyeshadow base along with my H.K. Palette in Too Dolly and Nocturnal eyeshadow from MAC. Below is my look for today. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coastal Scents Haul

Salaams and Salutations Beauties...

I got it!! I got it!! My coastal scents 78 make-up palette!! If you check out YouTube you can see BIG raves about coastal scents. From Mineral make up, to brushes (comparable to MAC without the MAC price tag), to the palette. During December the 88 make up palette was the rave. But I thought to my self..'Do you really need 88 eye shadows?' I bought the 78 make up palette. The palette includes: 60 Eye shadows, 12 highlighting and liner shades, 6 blushers, and it's only $21.95!!! Truly a great buy for those who are short on cash but want to venture into shades and blushes.

a free sample came with the

Some of the colors are matte and some are shimmery

I hope you likey. Please let me know when you get your, what you thing.

B beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Monday, February 23, 2009

recent EOTD

hello dolls! you may have gathered by now eyes are my things check me out:

lid: moss scape paintpot (MAC) topped with venom (Pure Luxe)
all over: twinkle (Pure Luxe)
lash line: penultimate rapidblack liner (MAC)
lower lashline and waterline: Green liner (Prestige)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tip: Mark your brushes

Salaams and Salutations All,

Sooo your buying make up and brushes (MAC or other wise) and you take your stash to a make up party. A friend has the SAME Sonya Kushuk brushes that you do!!! OMG You all get to makeing your faces up, eyes, lips, and the brushes get mixed up!! or LOST!! Well....I have a way to keep YOUR brushes identified and out of other people's make up bags.

It's a technique called marking. It can be done with your favorite nail polish colored and clear. If you check YouTube..there are some WILD examples out there.

See Tutorial below:

Here are what mine look like:

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad Habits We Need To Break!

Greetings All,

I was viewing my youtube favorite tutorials and I noticed that some of the bloggers were not using good habits when it came to eye makeup. The main thing that we must remember about our eyes is the skin around our eyes is the most thin and soft skin on our entire body. The skin around the eyes is one of the main places where natural aging starts to show and if you do not take care of that area you will regret it. Here are some tips to keep your eyes looking youthful, bright and healthy.

1. Use only your ring finger to apply anything to your eyes. The ring finger is the weakest finger of the hand and you will be able to really monitor the pressure that you use.

2. Never pull on the eye area. Gently rub and massage products onto the skin.

3. Never put specialty cremes on the eye area unless they are made for the eye. Some specialty treatments contain vitamins and minerals that should not be absorbed into the eye areas. Be sure to read all of the labels and literature that comes with your product.

4. Always use an eye cream. Do your research for the products you need to address your concerns about your eye areas. Sometimes it is good to visit with a professional and to have them really assess and suggest products and regimes to address your specific needs.

5. Only use makeup removers that specifically say that they are safe for use around the eyes. Some products are too strong for the eye area and they can strip the eyes of hydration.

6. When in doubt about bags under the eyes, treat them to something cool. Get some gel pads for the eyes or use a cool face cloth and apply to the eye area when they look dark, tired or swollen. Cool temperatures help bring the eyes back to a natural state.

7. Use SUNBLOCK- Even the darkest people need sunblock. The average dark brown person's natural SPF is only 8, which is a far cry from the recommended SPF of 20. So what does that mean, EVERYONE should use sunblock. Sun damage does not show on the face until around 40 and can leave horrible results that can be completely avoided. Sun damaged skin around the eyes looks very dehydrated, dull and usually has sun spots and fine lines. All of that is a recipe to look older than your age.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

R & D: MAC and Sephora

Salaams and Salutations...
A couple of weeks ago..I went out to MAC and Sephora for a little R&D (research and developmemt). I decided I needed to try out some stuff before I bought them myself.

First I went to MAC. I've been trying to get to MAC for weeks!!! HA talks about MAC all the time: MAC this and MAC that was time to try it out.

I have on MAC Skinfinish natural in Dark. I luv it. It doesn't look 'cakey' or unnatural. And MAC girlie told me how I can make it more 'all over' depending on the brush I use (ooohhhh brushes)

So I took this MAC face over to Sephora. There was a lot here I wanted to try out. Sephora is like a woman's candy store, with make up being the candy. So I continued to promenade through NARS, Benefit Cosmetics, CARGO and O.P.I.

Scandalous Beauty talks about NARS here. She raves about Crazed and Dolce Vita being in ever brown girls repertoire of blushes (yes brown girls should wear blush). So above this is Dolce Vita in the store and then Dolce Vita on ME!! I love it!!

So I went over to Benefit Cosmetics and put on the BABE CAKE eyeliner. I wanted to try this because Queen of Blending ALWAYS uses it. I mean I still need to work on my technique..but I think I did okay.

Then I tried the Powder in a Box line from Benefit Cosmetics. Hoola caught my eye from the get being in Sephora I had to try it.

So I was out for an hour and 45 minutes alone to skip along in make up stores. I got a lot of research done. I know what I will be buying the next time I make a Sephora and MAC purchase online. So that is me at the end of the day. Not too shabby heh?

face: MAC mineralize skin finish natural in DEEP
face: MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW 50 and NW 45 under the eyes
face: MAC prep and Prime
face: MAC studio moisturiser fix
face: NARS dulce vita
face: Benefit Cosmetics Powder in a box in HOOLA
eyes: UD eye potion primer
eyes: NARS e/s duo in Cordura and Sugarland (I mixed and matched)
eyes: Benefit Cosmetics Babe Cake
lips: MAC cork liner
lips: Dazzleglass in Monogram (monogram collection)

Hope you enjoyed it.
B Beautiful

Umm Amirah

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

E.L.F Haul

Salaams and Salutations,

So Ummie had a E.L.F haul come in. E.L.F stands for : eyes, lips and face. Its a cosmetics company that believes that beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. So for the 'sista on a budget' it's great. Now I can't recommend everything but there are good deals there. It was started buy some guy who actually LEFT a big name cosmetics company.

Everything in this first picture is $1.00 except for the brushes. I would totally recommend the studio line of brushes. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft. I have about 4. I don't currently have any MAC brushes to compare but they wash well, they feel great and do a great job. I have the complexion brush, the fan brush, the eye brow C brush and the blending brush. I do have the regular brushes but they are NOT as soft as the studio line.

If you want you try out a liquid liner..I'd say try E.L.F's..its pretty decent. Perfect your technique with a bottle that only costs a $1.00.

Next we have nail polish. For me $1.00 can't go wrong. I only paint my nails once a month so...I like to use shocking colors. They actually have added some new one so check them out here.

And last but not least I picked out these babies. Sephora Junkie talked about these so I decided to give them a try..I mean $3.00 you can't go wrong. I have YET to use these..hopefully soon.

Enjoy and B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Beautiful Ummah Launch party pics

Umm Aminah Honest and Umm Amirah at RJ Cafe.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
So Beautiful Ummah had Launch Party in Beltville, MD. So Umma Aminah and I invited some sister to the new local Halal joint-- RJ Cafe for some food, fun and make up talk. We had about 10 sisters show up and it was great fun. I will NOT discuss the fact that I was late..but I was glad to get there.

I did a couple of faces and Umm Aminah talked make up, what else!!

Pure Luxe products used

NYX Penny eye shadow used and MAC Viva Glam VI lip gloss

We pray to do another BU event in about 6 months. Maybe we can do a two state event..or bring two cities together at ONE never know.

We pray you enjoyed the pictures and thanks to all those who came out to support up.

Sorors and product junkies that have come together here on Beautiful Ummah
B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Safe Makeup Sharing


I was chatting at work with some coworkers that want to host a Beauty Hour(Makeover Home Party) and I was being questioned about how to safely share makeup. I thought this would be a good topic to share. So here are some quick tips.

All Loose Powders- (especially minerals) You should tap out a small amount onto a pallet or tissue and use it on 1 person only. When you are done, throw the tissue away and start with a cleaned/sanitized brush or new applicator and tissue for the next person. This should be done for all loose powders, no matter where they go on the face. You must take extra care with your mineral makeup because they do not have preservatives that can kill some germs.

For pressed- eyeshadow, blush and powder foundation you should use a new applicator or cleaned brush for everyone new. You do not have to shake off a dusting like with the loose powders, just use what you want and then use a clean tissue and rub off the first layer of product. Do not spray alcohol into your pressed makeup, you will ruin it.

Liquids foundation- Use on an applicator and be careful not to touch the used applicator onto the mouth of the bottle, which can cause contamination.

Lipstick- Spray with alcohol and wipe it off with a tissue once it has been used or scrape off a small amount and use a lip brush.

Mascara- NEVER SHARE IT! Unless you only use a disposable applicator and the original applicator has been cut off.

Lip gloss and anything with that type of applicator- NEVER USE IT! Unless the original applicator has been cut off.

Pencils- Must be sharpened and sprayed with alcohol after it has been used.

I love my sisters and fellow Muslimahs but I do not want to share or receive germs and infections. If you follow these rules you will safely paint the sisters of the world pretty! The best way cure an infection is to never get one.

The best on the spot brush cleaner is from Ulta, it is a spray that you wipe off with a tissue to kill germs. To watch a good makeup sharing process in action, go to your local department store that has a MAC counter and watch them work. They have the best hygiene system out there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

quick eye look

hello and salaams ladies! i am just hanging out with my bambino today and i'm about to go for a "stroller stride" with him and i wanted to share my quicky eye look with you:

i have small/slanted/Asian eyes, no crease and hardly any lid space (thanks Grandma! lol) so I can typically get away with one shadow and liner and call it a day.


Penultimate Rapidblack
Kohl liner in Engraved (lower water line)

Recession proof beauty tip of the day (especially for mom's of infants): on my lips I have A&D Ointment! Rumor has it that the ingredients are nearly identical as the famous Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show Me What You Got- MAC HK and More Haul

Here is what I got...Somethings new and some old faithful refills!

Somethings New!

Everything new is from the Hello Kitty Collection except one item. These colors look super crazy in the palettes but they look incredible on, especially when you blend them while allowing the individual colors to shine through. Here is a my list:

Too Dolly Eyeshadow Palette

Lucky Tom Eyeshadow Palette

Tippy Beauty Powder Blush

Popster Lip Conditioner with SPF15

NW45 Studio Sculpt Concealer

I love the lip conditioner because it adds a pinch of color to your regular chap stick. The beauty powder looks really natural and it blends well. The eyeshadow pallets are awesome and they really pop when you add a great base. The new studio sculpt line is great because you get complete coverage and color match of the old concealer with a lighter coverage. The difference between the studio sculpt and the regular pot concealer is the studio sculpt is whipped and you get more for the same price, plus you do not need to use as much.

Here are my old favorite refills:

Lip Pencil in Nightmoth

Blacktrack Fluidline Eyeliner

Brushes 252 and 266

The fluidline is awesome and it is great if you like to share makeup with your friends because it is a pot and not a pencil. If someone come towards your face with any type of makeup pencil and they did not sharpen and clean it before your eyes, run. You can not imagine the type of infections and diseases you can pass around like that. Hygiene is the most important thing to remember. With the fluid line, you can apply it with a disposable lip brush to share this treat without sharing germs. You get a good, consistent, sharp, line without having a steady hand.

Nightmoth is my absolute fav lip pencil because it transforms any lip shine, gloss or glass and makes it pop.

Look out for my actual video tutorials coming soon, I think I am going to do a Hello Kitty eye to start but the jury is still out on that.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession-Proof Beauty

So words like budget and frugal aren't exactly sexy but neither is eating Top Ramen in a cold apartment whilst rocking the newest makeup look! This is the first installment of the Recession Proof Beauty! As a SAHM (stay at home mom) I've had to become a lot more fiscally responsible but I still want to look good ;). So here are some tips to stay fabulous on a budget!

*Set a beauty budget! Set aside a specified beauty allowance for each month. If you know you want to splurge this month because MAC Hello Kitty collection comes out perhaps next month you can just pick up a couple of inexpensive drugstore items.

*Catch the sales!! Do you know how quickly I placed an order when I got the email Sephora was having friends and family discount? I am on mailing lists for all my fave brands and stores so I'm among the first to know when sales happen and I tell all my girlfriends!

*Samples are your friends! Request them often. You think the Sephora chick is giving you the stink eye? The sales associate at Nordstrom is acting snooty? SO WHAT! You better get your samples ladies! I have tested products that are SO not in my budget this way.

*Know what you can go cheap on and know what you should splurge on! For me I don't like spending a ton of money on mascara or colored eyeliners so I get those at the drugstore typically; however I splurge on my skincare products, blush and foundations/concealers.

*Shop your stash! Keep an inventory of your beauty booty! I have bought a duplicate product because I didn't know I already had it.

*Shop your friends stash! I like to have product trades with my friends (I've done this with Purvis, Umm Amirah and my MIL). If that Bobbi Brown lippie didn't work for you maybe your friend can use it. Khadija didn't like that NARS blush? Well perhaps it is your lucky day!

*Get multi-purpose items! I like to be able to get a couple of different uses out of products. My body oil, for instance, can also double as a hot oil treatment!

*Experiment with making your own products! This is a personal favorite of mine! I go to the kitchen and use over ripe avocados or banana as skin or hair treatments. I use honey for a head to toes moisturizer. Oatmeal for a body scrub etc!

Those are just a few tips but I will share more with you on the next installment!



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Launch Party: Beltsville, MD

Asalaamu Alaikum All,

Umm Amirah and Umm Aminah Honest are haveing a Launch party for Beautiful Ummah this weekend.

Here's the info:

Date: Feb. 14th, 2009

Time: 4pm to 7pm

Place: RJ Cafe 12111 Indian Creek Ct Beltsville, MD 20705 (Zabiha)

Come and meet and greet with some of the sisters from Beautiful Ummah. We are going to have a ball, bring your family and friends and come out and enjoy. RSVP and you will receive a gift bag with goodies! Products will be on display and some will be available for purchase.

Come and dine in one of the best zabiha restaurants in town. It's affordable, it's convenient and it's where we will be. See you there! FYI- You are responsible for your own meal.

FB link:

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well SHUT MY MOUTH! The Hello Kitty Collection IS nice

So we were discussing the Hello Kitty Collection from MAC and we were very unimpressed. But! When I went there to see the new collection today I was happily surprised. The colors were unimpressive on the display, but they looked FABULOUS on. I was very pleasantly surprised. The eyeshadow was as mac's norm, very highly pigmented and the glosses were very soft. I am getting some in a day or so- I will display my haul then, here is a teaser...Please forgive me, my camera phone sucks!

Monday, February 9, 2009

natural beauty: bentonite clay

hiya beauties! so i bought bentonite clay (Aztec brand from Whole Foods) to do a detoxification and deep cleansing for my hair and scalp. well i ran across a post on bgwlh where she had used it for a facial cleanser. my skin has really suffered at the hands of this cold/flu bug that i had and since i had to put an appearance at the masjid and at my sisters' house i thought i'd give it a go. i took about a teaspoon of the clay and mixed with enough water to make a paste and i scrubbed my face with it. i rinsed it off in the shower and i have to tell you i was quite pleased with the subtle glow my skin had! this will be an addition to my skincare regimen for sure.

if you do a search on youtube you will find a plethora of videos on bentonite clay!!!

image from anita grant (check out her goodies)

This Looked Cool

I saw this video on youtube and it caught my eye. This is a hot look and can be done with other colors. It looked scary at first but it finished nicely.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Show Me What You Got Pretty Lady:

Asalaamu alaikum all,
I just have to say how much I care for It saves me from actually going to the store..and I'd rather NOT go to the store. So I shop here about once a month. They carry everything from make up to natural shampoo, to lotion. Check out my hauls below.

These are two of my four L'Oreal HIP Cream crayons. Perfectionist (on top) and Authentic (on the bottom).

This haul included another (l to r) Evian water spray (good for hydrating the face before flights-TSA approved AND setting your make up),L'Oreal HIP Cream Crayon in Intricate, Nature's Gate Lavender and Aloe shaving gel, and Nature's Gate Moisture Cream with SPF 15 (only use during the day)

My most resent haul is Almay's eye make up remover ( love this...doesn't sting, slighty oily but a good product), Nature's Gate Kids Block 30, Dickenson's witch hazel wipes (LOVE this.. my face is so clean since using them), and the buy 1 get 1 1/2 off with L'Oreal Hip products: Cream crayon in Meticulous and a eye shadow duo.

Now I'm off to see what else I need from

B Beautiful,

Umm Amirah

Make-Up Brush Care-

Makeup brushes, particularly made with natural hair, are easy to build up and
accumulate dust and dirt quickly. Dirty brushes become a breeding ground for
bacteria. Many women with oily skin often notice traces of inflammation that
appear on their face. They do not suspect that they keep infecting their
skin with their makeup brushes, provoking new rashes. That is why
regular care for your brushes is so important and helps make your
useful beauty kit last longer. Here’re some tips on how to
take proper care of your makeup brushes.

It’s enough to wash your brushes once every 7-10 days. You can
use makeup brush cleansers or any soft shampoo or liquid soap.
Pour warm water in your palm, add some mild shampoo or
cleanser, make foam and wash the brush. Then, rinse the
brush in running water until the water runs clear.

Gently squeeze your brush and let it dry in a standing position
with the bristles up. Make sure not to fluff the bristles. If your skin is oily
and inclined to rashes, it is recommended
you both cleanse and soak your brushes. In this case you
have to buy a special cleanser to “soak” your brushes in once
every three weeks. These cleansers are available at most
beauty supply stores and the Mac counter in your local
department store. There are different brands out there,
including Sephora and Smashbox. Never let anyone
use your makeup brushes. It’s not hygienic.

Article from The Unique Suite LLC's Newsletter

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Product Review: Oyin Handmade

Oyin handmade started out as an online endeavour a couple of years ago. It's run by Jamila and Pier. They are the craziest couple I've ever come across. Their website presently sells their Body/hair products. I am SOOOO an OYIN honey. This means that I like: The honey hemp conditioner, the whipped shea, funk butter, Greg's juice, juices and berries ( oud to Coming to America here--lol), and stuff I haven't even tried. If you like hand make products, smell goods, or are a product junkie like ME--Oyin is for you.

So lets do a product breakdown:


Greg's Juice:
Is a leave in hair pick me up. Great smell. Really light. For those with natural hair it won't weight it down. NH loves it. He actually commandeered mine..oh well. It beeez like that some times.

Juices and Berries:
Its the same type of product as Greg's Juice. Its more fruity than GJ. Just a great.

Burnt Sugar palmade:
I use this on my girls heads. It helps to control the frizzes and fly aways. Has a great smell that lasts. A little goes a long way so don't OVER DO IT. Remember that too much product can weight the hair down.

Head to Toe Honey Wash: Can we say: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE IT!! Some may disagree with me on this product but I use this for hair and body. Great on the kiddos. The only this is that it doesn't lather like traditional body washes or soap for that matter. Still a great product. I would suggest that you a poof when using it, even on the kiddies.

Honey-Hemp condish:
Love this too. It smells great. And the thing is that you can use it as a leave in if you cut some with water in a spray bottle. I'd just rather use the GJ or the J&B rather than do that. But it's an option.

Shine & Define:
I also use this product on the girls hair. They have a grade of hair that is very fly away when dry. So when I braid their hair weekly I use little dabs of Shine and Define as I braid it. This is an essential for my kids hair.

Grand Poo Bar:
I only bought this ONCE. It's too complicated. If your use to's not here. NOTE: you have to CUT the bar because you can't manipulate it as is. And for long Big A's's a pain.

Of course there are things I want..but I'm a stick to the stuff I got. LOL


Oyin has a brick and mortar store. Check them out this weekend for the OPEN HOUSE.

Exit the Apple: Heart, body and soul
(oyinhandmade, music, books, art)
charles villiage neighborhood

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Show Me What You Got- Part 1

Salaams and Greetings-

Here are 2 pics of my stash...Being a makeup artist and estheiology student you can not imagine how much product I have. So here are 2 pics of some of my stuff- It will probably take way too long to show everything. But I will highlight some of my absolute favorites!
Highlights in the Picture

Eyelash Curler- (small red thing)- A must have for the finished eye look. When eyelashes are curled they make the eyes look larger, open and bright.

Ulta Brush Spray Cleaner- Perfect for quick brush cleaning to aid in color transitions without contamination. Just spray it on and tissue it off, then your brush is clean and disenfected. This spray is great but it is not good to get a really deep cleaning down through the bristles.

My Favorite 12 Piece Brush set- I got these brushes on ebay and they came with a rolling case which is perfect for storing brushes. The set goes from a 2inch round powder brush and the smallest is a detail brush simular to a lip brush. In this picture-

Some of my favorites in my absolutly favorite train case. It is perfect for traveling because no matter how many times it bounces or rolls around, all the products stay in place. I love mac lip color and eyecolor. Mac has some of the best high quality pigments in the business.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

show me what you got: a quick sally's haul

2 color applicator bottles (for my oils and elixirs)
1 China Glaze adhesive base coat
1 China Glaze polish in Frostbite
1 pack of plastic hair baggies (for henna and deep conditioning)
1 packet of Aphogee protein treatment

I left the house tonight for the first time in a week!! I needed to get some things from Target aka My Side Piece ;) and Sally's is right next door so you know! I did not know Sally's carried China Glaze polishes!! I'm so stoked! I wanted to get a bizillion colors but the Spousal Unit and Bambino were waiting in the car for me so too much pressure! Since I had time constraints I forgot a couple things and actually have to go back to Target tomorrow for Dr. Bonner's soap and to Sally's for an application brush and a Denman like brush. So if I haul any tomorrow I'll be sure to share with all of you.


It's Me, Dynamic Radiance

As Salaam Alaikum Beautiful Ummah Fashionistas!

So I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. If you would, take a moment and imagine the intro drum line from Diva Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" song (as background music)....First, I am thrilled to be working with fabulous muslimahs who take beautification seriously. I can only imagine what fun it will be to share my beautifying advertures with you.'s a little about me:
Known as a very loyal line consumer, I love the craft of face and body art. Growing up in the theatre, I've experimented with many cosmetic lines, products, and styles. Here are some of my favorites:

Face: The best moisturizer (not most healthful) is Vaseline. I also like Oil of Olay Day Moisturizer. For cleanser, I use Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash. It must work because I've never had acne and have been using it since I was 16.

Foundation: Die hard MAC Studio Fix Liquid and Powder fan (note: women of color, MAC has a selection for you. Other lines claim the ability to provide a perfect match for most complexions, but do not. Try MAC if you're struggling with a foundation that is too ashy, shiny, light or just not right.) One more plug for MAC foundation-if you're preparing for a professional photo shoot or just taking pictures with your digital camera, try MAC's Studio Mist Airbrush Foundation. Talk about perfection!

Cheeks: MAC Sweet As Cocoa for Winter
NARS Cream Blush in Cactus Flower for Spring
Chanel Bronze Universal Del Chanel Sun Illuminator for a light Summer shimmer. (Good old faithful is MAC Bronzer in Golden Bronze)
Urban Decay Exhale and Fetish for subtle color in the Fall

Eyes: Hands down for mascara-Lancome Defincils in Deep Black. Close runner up is Maybelline Great Lash in Very Black. Trust me, I've tried them all.
Benefit has a decent concealer. I've used Boi-ing in the past but you will need a very skilled pinky to apply. I think I'll share my eyeshadow favorites over time since there are too many to list. I have fallen for the HIP (high intensity pigments) eyecolor offered by L'Oreal. The colors are rich and so much fun to use and blend. I've also found that HIP eyecolors work well when paired with other brand colors. But it's all in the blending technique. At this moment, I crave to wear bold Beckoning to the office. (yeah right)
Oh! You should definitely try Mary Kay's liquid eyeliner with the felt tip applicator.
On eyebrows-whatever you do, just make sure they're neat. Period.

Lips: My lip color selections are an interesting phenomenon. I waffle between little to no color with shine and rich, deep hues. I live in a colder (notice I didn't say coldest) part of New York, so it's more about moisturization then glam this time of year. I currently wear Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in I Want Candy, although I have 22 of the 24 shades. My secret all time favorite color is Chanel's VAMP. It's such a...1995 MJB's Not Gonna Cry mysterious...goth...and totally halal sexy.

Favorite Scent: Again, it's seasonal for me. But during winter, Michael Eau Du Parfum by Michael Kors, is magnificent. It's light, refreshing, and distinct.

Hair Product: Carol's Daughter Tui Herbal Hair Smoothie does wonders for my hair. Especially since I'm "inclement weather hair" challenged.

Internal beauty: Daily Dose of Salat, 5 times a day. Remembrance of Allah (swt), cardio exercise at least 3 times a week (chasing the kids doesn't count), and at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted silence every day.

I guess I could go on and on so I'll end here. There's definitiely more to come. So look for my Blush reality series commentary and "must try, must have" product of the month.
Looking for eye combo ideas, check out Medusa Makeup eye dust at My fav is Red Baron.

Black History Month- African-Americans Makeup Artists Highlighted

Salaams and Greetings All,

I had to do a short report on a famous makeup artist for class. I did a google search and guess what I found? BLACK MAKEUP ARTISTS!!!! Lots of them, so I thought it would be good to highlight some African American Makeup Artists for Black History Month. Today I chose Sam Fine. Enjoy!

Sam Fine- Make Up Artist

Sam Fine is a world renowned makeup artist who hales from Chicago, Illinois.. His clientele consists of Patti LaBelle, Vanessa Williams, Halle Barry and Vanessa Webb, just to name a few. His client list spans over one hundred names of very famous and glamorous individuals. Mr. Fine started his makeup career at a cosmetics counter in a Chicago department store . He specializes in showing women how to accent their best and unique features. He made his bones at the local department store with everyday ladies, showing them how to define and accentuate their features using a palette of colors that best suited their complexion.

Mr. Fine’s work has appeared on the covers of Essence, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, MarieClaire and Vibe magazines. He was chosen as the first African-American Spokesperson for Covergirl Cosmetics. His experience at the makeup counter inspired him to write his first book, Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American Women, which is a how to guide that also includes his professional resume.

He has appeared on The View, The Tyra Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show New York, BET Heart and Soul and many other national shows. In Mr. Fine's new book, Fine Beauty, he shows new makeup techniques and basic tips in a step-by-step style accompanied by beautiful color pictures detailing each step.

Mr. Fine has a numerous amount of resources for those who are interested in the beauty industry. He writes a blog, has a namesake website and does numerous tours and live appearances. He is defiantly a pioneer of top makeup artistry.

For more information on Sam Fine go to his website-
You can also find lots of interviews and videos of Mr.Fine on youtube

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Show Me What You Got Pretty Lady: Pure Luxe Cosmetics

ASA Beauties,

So the Beautification team has decided to show you our Hauls. My first one is of Pure Luxe cosmetic mineral eye shadows. HA first introduced me to Pure Luxe. From the first LOOK the pigments were H.O.T..okay. The PRICE was even hotter: $1.00 samples. That couldn't be right...OH but it is.

My first haul was in November of 2008. It's below. I spent about $20.00 including shipping. Shipping is $6.00 so I like to buy $10 to $11 worth of product. So I experimented with some colors. My eye colors were: Peach Parfait, Warm Sugar, Chocolate Oranges, Ballerina, Rose Gold, Hello Sunshine, Amethyst (for you Gamma Ladies), Frolic, Wizard and Spring. I bought 1 blush: Cheeky, 1 lippie: Lewd, and 1 liner: Dirt-e Girl.

My second haul was a gift from my GIRL HA. Awww she was so sweet to bless me with Pure LUXE!!! This haul (below) included: eye colors-Scandalous, Buttered Rum, Intimacy, Twinkle, Supernova, Femme Fatale, Raisin, Charm, Tart( not discontinued!!!),Olive You and the lippie-Sexxxy.

Okay...I am currently waiting for my latest haul from Pure Luxe!! I'm so hooked.

As for a review: Pure Luxe is for those looking for a more natural make up company. The owner prides her self on the fact that she does not deal in the fillers that BIG companies use. Her colors POP, look great foiled. I can't complain. The price is great. I mean $20.00 gets you a lot. Its great for sister's on a budget. Try might like it.
More to come.

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah