Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad Habits We Need To Break!

Greetings All,

I was viewing my youtube favorite tutorials and I noticed that some of the bloggers were not using good habits when it came to eye makeup. The main thing that we must remember about our eyes is the skin around our eyes is the most thin and soft skin on our entire body. The skin around the eyes is one of the main places where natural aging starts to show and if you do not take care of that area you will regret it. Here are some tips to keep your eyes looking youthful, bright and healthy.

1. Use only your ring finger to apply anything to your eyes. The ring finger is the weakest finger of the hand and you will be able to really monitor the pressure that you use.

2. Never pull on the eye area. Gently rub and massage products onto the skin.

3. Never put specialty cremes on the eye area unless they are made for the eye. Some specialty treatments contain vitamins and minerals that should not be absorbed into the eye areas. Be sure to read all of the labels and literature that comes with your product.

4. Always use an eye cream. Do your research for the products you need to address your concerns about your eye areas. Sometimes it is good to visit with a professional and to have them really assess and suggest products and regimes to address your specific needs.

5. Only use makeup removers that specifically say that they are safe for use around the eyes. Some products are too strong for the eye area and they can strip the eyes of hydration.

6. When in doubt about bags under the eyes, treat them to something cool. Get some gel pads for the eyes or use a cool face cloth and apply to the eye area when they look dark, tired or swollen. Cool temperatures help bring the eyes back to a natural state.

7. Use SUNBLOCK- Even the darkest people need sunblock. The average dark brown person's natural SPF is only 8, which is a far cry from the recommended SPF of 20. So what does that mean, EVERYONE should use sunblock. Sun damage does not show on the face until around 40 and can leave horrible results that can be completely avoided. Sun damaged skin around the eyes looks very dehydrated, dull and usually has sun spots and fine lines. All of that is a recipe to look older than your age.


Amina said...

thank you for the advices!!
I am so guilty of not using sunblock!!