Sunday, February 1, 2009

Facial Highlighter

One of my favorite makeup items is the facial highlighting pen.  A couple of years ago, after reading this article, I looked at some reviews and decided that I needed to try this product.  What it does is reflect light away from shadowy places on your face.  There are many places you can apply it, but I mainly go for the undereye bags.  Eye bags create shadows on my face and make me look old/tired, especially when I haven't slept enough, but when I put this highlighter on the shadows, I look *bright* and *awake*!  Other good places to apply are between your eyebrows to reflect light off your frown lines, and from the sides of your nose down to the corners of your mouth to minimize the effects of smile lines.  

I think the best way to apply this product is with your ring finger, but this takes a long time, so sometimes I use a sponge, and I saw on this youtube video, someone applying it with what looks like a foundation brush.

Some people call this a concealer, but I don't think it really conceals that well.  I personally use it as a highlighter, and I love how it it doesn't cake or settle into fine lines.  It totally stays put!  

There are other versions of this product, by the way.  The YSL version goes for $40, Mary Kay sells it for $18, and Avon has it for $4 (as I learned from watching this video).  Right now, I'm using the Mary Kay version (I used to sell Mary Kay), and I really like both Mary Kay and YSL.  Sometime I'd like to try all three versions at once and compare them.  

Be sure to buy a shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone.  


Umm Amirah said...

ASA Pervis...THANKS for the info. I haven't traveled into hightlight territory...I'm interested now.

Amina said...

thank you for the info.
MAC had a limited edition of studio lights...i think it should be permanent....