Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Interview with YouTuber Caramelle47!!!

Salaams Beautiful Ones!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my fave makeup mavens on YouTube, Caramelle47 aka Wafa! She dishes about makeup, Islam and the haraam police ;). I was scanning through YouTube and I saw a hijabi in a stunning (check it out below! swoon) blue hijab/dupatta and I had to know more about our sister in Islam :).

Hijabi Apprentice: Masha Allah, you are 19 and already so skilled in makeup! When did you get started? What were your influences?


I’ve been experimenting with makeup since I was 13 years old. When I was 14, I started wearing eyeliner to school and I am now addicted. I wasn’t very good in the beginning, but Alhamdulillah I’ve picked up quite a few skills from the YouTube makeup community.

HA: Do you ever face (in real life or on YouTube) the "haraam police" or people who feel as a hijabi you should not wear makeup? If so how do you deal with that?


Oh all the time! I get people preaching about Islam and Islamic etiquette for women underneath my videos and I get comments calling me names. I normally just block the users who present hatred and I try not to comment back because most of the negative comments are just spam. I have even made it clear on my homepage that I’m not preaching Islam on my channel, I strictly present my love for makeup and beauty, but many don’t understand that. Just because I wear a hijab doesn’t mean that I don’t have other interests, I’m a Muslim girl who absolutely loves makeup! J

HA: Do you have a muse or an inspiration for your makeup looks?


I love bright colours and funky looks. My inspirations usually come from the clothes that I wear and the mood I’m in for that particular day. Sometimes I hardly wear any makeup!

HA: What is your favourite makeup brand?


I don’t have a favourite makeup brand because I like to use a variety of things. If the colour payoff for the product is very good, I’ll love it! I like to use a variety of high end and drugstore products because it all depends on the quality, price, and type of makeup that I’m buying.

HA: If you only had 5 - 10 minutes to put together a makeup look what would it consist of?


If I had 10 minutes, I would definitely have my liquid or cream black eyeliner, mascara and a lip-gloss. Usually that’s all the time I have for makeup in the morning, so that’s what I wear on a daily basis.

HA: When do you go all out with your makeup looks?


I go all out at weddings and events where there will be lots of pictures taken. You’ve gotta look good for the flash! =D

HA: How has your culture influenced your beauty preferences?


My parents are Pakistani (and I’ve been raised in Canada since I was five years old). The South Asian culture is known for its bold and bright colours during party time. When I wear my cultural clothing, I normally do bright and colourful looks to go along with the fancy outfits.

HA: Okay time for the cliche question LOL! Which 5 items (beauty or otherwise) would you take with you on a desert island?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... This one is hard!

If I had to pick I would choose:

1) Cream Eyeliner

2) A nude lipgloss

3) Blush

4) Trendy hijab


HA: What was your last makeup haul?


My last makeup haul would have been about a month ago (before Valentine’s Day). It was a collective haul (I visited the MAC three times that week) and bought lots of things each time.

HA: What is your definition of beauty?


My definition of beauty is someone who can portray themselves through any art form and still shine through. That also includes people who can be themselves, be original and unique at the same time. True beauty to me is not about how a person looks necessarily, but how they carry themselves regardless of the situation. It’s about the person’s inner character, their true definition of who they are and how they combine that with their outside to present their utmost self.

HA: Which aspect of Islam do you find most beautiful?


I find that within Islam, you can always find an answer. There is peace, patience, and good character amongst those who practice Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion when it is properly understood. Islam itself means peace, so for one to live their life with that sole definition, it can alter the way many think and feel about life in general (in a very good way of course).

Thank you Wafa from all of us at Beautiful Ummah!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Promanad ....OYIN handmade!!!

Salaams and Salutations,

This Saturday UmmAminahHonest and I met up with a fellow Soror of ours and headed to Baltimore for a teeter. So first we teetered to Modest Intentions on Reisterstown Road. We teeted for a while in the modest clothes: abayas, hijabs, hijabs and more hijabs. I have enough...mmmmm NO I don't..LOL.

Then we got my GPS on my new phone working and headed out to OYIN. OYIN has a new store in Baltimore on N. Charles Street. Its opened from 12pm to 7pm. Please note that you have to feed the meets in Baltimore on the weekends ( that sucks!).

So we made it! Since I have an upcoming interview with Jamyla- the mixtress, I will only give a taste of all the pics I took.

Exit the Apple is not only the flagship store for OYIN but also other interests for Pierre and Jamyla. That includes bags, t-shirts, books,and music. These two are all about nurturing your passions. UmmAminahHonest got a boost of energy from these two because they are 'living their dream'.

The Hubster explaining to UmmAminahHonest

UmmAminahHonest buying product..doesn't she look happy!

UmmAminahHonest and our lovely Soror needed product introduction from the OYIN team. Me, being the OYIN honey I am..I picked out what I needed. I use the Burnt Sugar Pomade and Shine and Define on the kids hair. Shine and Define helps with the frizzles and the pomade makes weekly braiding smoother.

My haul: Shine and Define, Burnt Sugar Pomade, After Bath, with samples

Know that right now when you come in the store you walk out with lots of samples. I received samples of Whipped Pudding, Poo Bar and Juices and Berries. I just believe you can never have enough OYIN. Get there early..they open at 12pm. On the 28th they are asking for testimonials from their customers...don't know if I can make it (sad face).

Visiting Oyin was a great experience. NH is now ready to go. He's going to sponsor my next haul of Honey Hemp Condish (the big bottle), Cup of Joe and maybe a T-shirt or book too.

B. Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Friday, March 13, 2009

And the winner is......(insert drum roll here)


Salaams and Saluations..

HA and I have been entering all types of contests lately. I just so happened to enter one of Amina's contests over at Coup de Coeur. Thanks to I got goodies. Those goodies were Hair Milk from Karen Body Beautiful and a natural soap.
Now I've NEVER heard of KBB....I was waaaaayyyyyyy out the loop on THIS little lady.

Well I checked out EmpressRi and her vlog here. She is a guru of natural hair products...I love her reviews and she review them ALL!! Karen's Body Beautiful, Oyin, Anita Grant...and the list goes on. I'm teling you. If you looking for a product review..go to's THERE!!

I'd like to thank Amina and the Academy for widening my scope of Natural hair products. I will have to do a product review on this product once I use it on the kids. Enjoy EmpressRi's review, and B. Beautiful,

Umm Amirah

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Winnings :)!

Thanks to Amina and I won 2 yummy Stila glosses!!!

And because friends don't let friends be ashy ;) Amina gave me a sample of darcy's botanical madagascar styling creme

which can be used on hair and body. can i tell you that this smells like the highest quality vanille (i had to spell it all french like it's that good) frosting EVER!!!

Thanks again Pusher!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recycle and Upgrade!

Salaams and Saluations beauties......

ZOYA is having a nail polish exchange. See the rules here, but basically you just pay for the shipping of your old or NEW polish that isn't ZOYA for a new ZOYA polish. I have fallen for ZOYA..e.l.f are good for the kids...but ZOYA is for big girls. I don't have any I want to part I might have to raid my moms

Enjoy..and let us know what you GET!!

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Monday, March 9, 2009

The latests: Etsy haul.....

Salaams and Salutations Beauties:
Its been a minute...I've been really busy..then I was recovering from the gift that my husband gave....You know a COLD..the gift that keeps on giving. Soooo now its time to update you on a couple of hauls. I'm sooo back logged. Bare with me.

Amina over at Coup de Coeur had turned me into an Etsy Junkie (yes it is all your fault). Not that I mind..because I really appreciate artists and people that make things over at Etsy. So here Amina posted about Njoi Creations. Njoi Creations provides up with natual hair dressings (ei: hair greese), hair oils and natural soap.

hair dressing and butter bar sample

So I purchased the sample (2oz) of Natural Hair dressing and shoealoe. The shipping was really fast. The natural hair greese was really nice. Smelled nice, realy herbally (if that is a word--lol). I did not care for the Shoealoe because it is not recommended to put on wet hair. I braid the girls hair when its its just not going to work for me. I miss my Oyin Shine and Define...have to pick some of that up.

I braid my girls hair wet, I liked what the greese did for Big A's hair

Little A's hair

Once down...more to go...
B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Peel Last Night

So, I had a peel last night and I think that everyone should visit a spa and get one. Yesterday in class we were working on skin refinement. I got a glycolic peel for the first time. I was the demonstration for the class because I have thick skin. IT WAS AWESOME. It defiantly brightened my skin and reduced hyper pigmentation instantly. I can see even better results today than last night and my skin will continue to improve over the next few days.

Glycolic or Alphahydroxy peels remove all of the dead skin off the top layer of your skin called the horney layer. The skin that is left after the peel is neutralized is clean, polished and Rosy new skin. You must use a product with an SPF of 15 or higher after you get a peel otherwise you will undo your great results with sun damage. The chemical stung a little but it was so worth it. For home use, you should get a plant peel. Aveda offers a good one. Plant peels differ from chemical peels because the enzymes in the plant peel dissolve only dead cells where chemical peels dissolves everything.

Here are some tips for good home peels.

  1. Read and follow the instructions perfectly.
  2. Before you get started, make sure you have a mixture of baking soda and water near.
  3. Do not exfoliate before your peel, it makes the skin more sensitive.
  4. Do not rub your peel off, pat it off using the baking soda and water mixture to neutralize it.

Once the peel is neutralized it will stop working, simply using water may get the same results but it only weakens the peel and it reacts by slowly stopping.

My skin feels great! I will post a picture of the results as time goes by.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lush...NOT a bad word.

Salaams and Saluations Beauties,

I found out about LUSH a couple of years ago..and I loooovvveee it. To go into a LUSH store one is CONSUMED with smells. Bath bombs, soap, salves, masques..OH MY.
But LUSH cares, it's a global company that sells handmade products. From cosmetics to bath and body..LUSH does it all.

I like LUSH because it has great gift ideas..from the bath bombs above to soaps and salves (stuff you throw in your shower). They also have pre made boxes in different price points for even the most frugelist of fashionistas.

Honey I washed the kids smells great. Made with Natural honey and stuff....**smile**

I like Demon in the Dark too.

I heard this one is a good one. I have yet to try it thought. Its gotta be good for the skin..porridge.

These two (above and below) are face soaps Fresh Pharmacy is GREAT on ZITS. You can even due spot jobs. Dable a little on a zit at night, it will help clear it up in the morning. I've heard some LUSHERS say that Fresh Pharmacy is like a kinder gentler pro-active...I've never used that, but Fresh Pharmacy does the job.

Coal Face is a good everyday face wash as well. You can even ask for a cut that fits your budget (only in the store thought).

Silky underwear is a great Bridal shower or birthday gift for a close friend. Its become my birthday 'quickie' I so need to get my own!!

I had a bridal shower to go to on last Saturday so I skipped over to my local LUSH and bought a gift...and these goodies below. One was a freebie..

LOVE LETTUCE: is a face mask. I LUVE THIS!! It must stay refridgerated, remember this.
COAL FACE: is a great face soap.
ANGELS on Bare Skin: is a face wash that truely smells yummy. (it was the freebie)

This was the gift I purchases: Silky Underwear and a Whip Stick (chocolate lip balm). Great combo's for a bride to be. Mabruk Amatuallah

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what YOU like from LUSH.
B. Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Beauty Goals & Wishlist

Hi Beautiful Ones!

I just wanted to share what my goals are esthetically and what I'm lemming!


Lactic peels 1x per week
64oz or more water
Dry brushing my body 2x per week
Deep condition hair 1x per week
Henna & Indigo every 2 months
Practice my makeup application skills 2x per week
Mani & Pedi (at home)1x per week
Professional massage every other month


Coast Scents Neutral Palette
Henna/mehndi on my hands and feet
HK Lucky Tom palette
Makeup lessons
The perfect hair moisturizer (my hair is SO dry)
MAC Style Warrior collection
Dolce & Gabbana makeup collection

What's on your list?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Joy is the best makeup.

Anne Lamott

Something Worth Waiting For- New Collection From MAC

I am excited about the new collection from MAC Cosmetics due to launch April 23, 2009. The colors are soft with a touch of high pigment...Very nice. I love the rich rose and lavender hues with golden undertones, I think this collection will stay around for a while. I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET IT!!!!

I think these colors will look great on everyone!!! AND for those lucky makeup-ista's with the MAC Pro Card, your discount will apply to these shades!! WHOO HOO!!!
MAC is doing it up and rolling out some new product lines that are going to be phenomenal. More to come soon!

A Beautiful Start

Salaams and Salutations,

So it has been ONE month since the start of the Beautiful Ummah movement. The Team has introduced it's self and got off to a running start. What do u think? I think the Team has worked hard of providing you all with quality info, quality looks, advice and tips.

I pray that we are truly giving a different perspective of Muslim women. Beauty is relative and there are so many different way to 'be beautiful'. From out side beauty to inside beautiful. Know that all of Allah(swt)'s creations are beautiful and we are just here to help you bring it out.

Any requests? Just know that the Beautification Team has lots more up it's sleeve. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming.

You Beauties are all well appreciated and we pray to keep you coming back for more.

Be Beautiful,

Umm Amirah and the Beautification