Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enter to win!!

Aab's Facebook fans can win the new Aab Hijab (£25.99) and the best-selling Oolong Abaya (£84.99)!!!!! All you have to do is send us a name for the Hijab and send it to with your name, Hijab name suggestion, and email address.

The best names will be then posted on an online Facebook poll at the very start of 2011. Members of the Aab fan page will then be able to vote for their favourite name! The poll will be launched when Aab feel they have enough great Hijab names to be featured in the exciting poll.

Similar free giveaways will be considered by Aab, depending on the success of this please join the fan page and get involved!

To join the fan page and get involved in the competition visit: HERE

To find out more about Aab and their fantastic range of hijabs and abayas visit: HERE

So hurry! Put your thinking caps on and give it a try! We'd love to know what YOU'd call it?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Phone dance

Salaams and salutations,
SOOOO I have acquired a NEW PHONE!!!

**everyone dance and shimmy HERE***

I have been waiting for my upgrade and once it was confirmed I snatched this beauty UP!!

We have Sprint so I went with the HTC Evo. iPhone equivalent...yes. Do I have a problem with that..NO.

I NOW be bringing you 'H.O.T.D'(hijab of the day) and 'F.O.T.D' (face of the day) with pics from it.

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Next up from Umm Amirah

Salaams and Saluations,

To keep things on's what's up for me on BU:

1)What is a Hoojab?

2)My obsession

3)UD Naked palette...score!!

4) New phone dance....*udancetoo*

I'll be getting on these soon...

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Year New U

Salaams and Salutations ladies,

How has everyone BEEN!!! How was your EID Al Adha, mine was with the kids. MEGAmind was so funny.

Anywhoo...its time to get BACK in the swing of things.. So its Muharram, New Islamic Year, New you. What are the new things you have lined up this year???

Welll for me, AbuAmirah and I are going on this cruise in Baltimore on January 1st. Something so different for the both of us. I'm trying to put together my outfit now. BIG deal?? Umm YEAH!! Why not. I wanta look hijabi chic. My colors are navy and silver, there WILL be Below are pics of my shoe dilemma: navy or white?

Which to choose?

I'm having a navy high waisted skirt made and of course a fly hijab!!

Other NEW things in 1432....Beautiful Ummah the Trunk Show!! I'll be show casing and selling ALL of my favorite hijabs, doing tutorials and more. I'm still working on collecting my stock so....more info to come.

What about you? Anything new in 1432??

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Break

Salaamu Alaikum Beauties.
I pray you all had a BLESSED Ramadan.

There were NO entries for the Ramadan give away. Although Hijabee donated some LOVELY hijabs and they were disseminated on EID, masha~allah.

There are no pics from the brunch because no one showed.

We've decided to take a break....from blogging. Working on some colaborations, more reviews and pics will be comming in November.

Insha~allah we'll return in time for the EID.

B Beautiful,

Umm Amirah

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Converts EID Brunch Sept 2010

Salaams and Saluations Beauties,

Here are are in the last 10 days of Ramadan. I pray that you are fulfilling your goals and working hard in the ibada department!!

Well its time for another BU Brunch..this time for Converts in the Washington, DC area.

There are the deets:

Date: Sunday, September 19th, 2010
Place: Mama Ayesha's 1967 Calvert Street, NW
Time: 12pm

*sister's only, no kids**

Come out and talk about your Ramadan experience, the goals you accomplished and future goals for next Ramadan..iA!!!

See you there!

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Peace the beginning and the end

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Creative Hijab

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

I'm on VACAY but is STILL coming up with great ideas for Beautiful UMMAH. Again, Ramadan Mubarak!! I pray everyone's Ramadan is going well. Don't forget about the Hijabi Project 2010 contest. Get your entries in by EID, iA, for the FAB LUSH gift card!!

Sooo (back to this post), have you ever been to a wedding and seen the most CREATIVE hijabs styles? Either on the bride herself or on in the wedding or attending the wedding and thought: 'I can't do that for EVERYDAY but its soooo pretty'?? Well you CAN. I've been hanging around YouTube lately and found ALL TYPES of hijabs tutorials, Hijabs of the day, hijab store hauls...OMG!!

So I had added Pearl Daisy a couple of weeks ago on FB, not really getting into what she had. OMG Pearl Daisy, operated by Sister Amena, has lots of great hijabs for layering and light ones for the summer. On her YouTube page Sister Amena gives you ALL type of hijab tutorials. She even explains what a 'Hoojab' is? What IS a Hoojab?



Note: I have not ordered from Pearl Daisy as of yet. But I am impressed with all the broaches and different hijabs they carry. Can't wait to order though.**

There is also TheChicMaya who runs Hijabonlinestore[dot]com.
All the fave among hijabi's on FB and on YouTube.



tutorial with a

*Note: again I have not ordered from Sister Maya's store. She does carry lots of hijab accessories that could be GREAT give aways for BU or as EID gifts to encourage hijab creativity. I have heard about her great customer service from a shopper though**

My hijab go tos also include:

The Souq: great customers service, quick shipping, affordable, always having sales

: again, great customer service, Sister Jennah is a DOLL **BU Loves her** and she is currently working on her new website to give MORE variety. *NEW WEBSITE PPL**

So where do YOU hijab shop? Are you NOW planing a creative look for EID? Oohh do tell!!

Be Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Pallet

Ramadan Mubarak Beauties!

I am doing a quick review of the Naked Pallet by Urban Decay.

At first sight I wasn't impressed with the colors. As always the presentation of Urban Decay Products is awesome, so this is not any different. I have to say the only part of this pallet that is special is the shimmer color selections. THOSE ARE THE HOTTNESS!!! They lay on nicely and blend well with EVERYTHING!!!

Swatches are to come...

~Ramadan Mubarak~

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

For all my Muslimah Fashion and Beauti-nistas (is THAT a word), Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. Insha~allah your good deeds, fasts and rememberance will be accepted.

Ramadan is NOT only 30 days without food but the 'average' muslim should be working on being without bad speach (rude/nasty), wondering eyes and more focus on worshiping our lord.

For those beauties who AREN'T Muslim....its a time to 'get to know more about Islam'. Find a Muslim...dial a Muslim...*I actually KNOW someone who did*. Masjids (place of worship) are open to you and there is always LOTS of food. Enjoy.

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Friday, July 30, 2010

Modesty: A dish not only served Muslim

Salaams and Salutations..
In finding more and more Muslimah fashion blogs..I also came across MORE and MORE modest fashion blogs. I LOVE IT. I love how these women (and those like them) take their faith to the NEXT level buy dressing apart from the norm. In norm I mean, short skirts, plunging necklines and exposed skin everywhere.

Modesty is Pretty
Shey is a Christian that admits that modest dress was her choice and has not been an easy or comfortable road.

All Tumble Down
Nina is an Orthodox Jewish girl who shows up a peek into her daily fashions as she deals with her year long mourning of her father.

The Daily Cover
Another Orthodox Jewish girl teaching us more about Jewish hair covering as she learns to style and adapt her personal style.

Modestly Fashioned
Ally is a plus sized modest fashionista. I love her style.

So you see, modestly is not all about oppression but more recognition of a higher power. These women are not forced they show us daily how they revel in their modest style. I think its great. Enjoy.

B Beautiful!
Umm Amirah

Friday, July 23, 2010

QVC and Bobbi Brown scoping

Salaams and Salutations Beauties, HOT. Make up is scarce on this face (smile). So I pulled out a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for a little color on the cheeks. LOVE IT! Then I went over to QVC to see if the new Denim Palette was there on flex pay (frugalista). Not yet, but isn't it pretty?

Bobbi Brown Denim Palette

All those pinks are GREAT for the summer, even on brown girls. On weekends I love to kick back and wear a great pair of jeans and a long go to the farmer's market and or the movies.

Sasquatch Swatch of Pot Rouges

Lets talk about Pot Rouges. They have been discontinued by Bobbi Brown on her website and Nordstrom, BUT they are on QVC. OMG they are sooo multi functional. Place them on your cheeks and on your lips. Gotta LOVE a multi-functional product. Sasquatch Swatch has done a great job swatching these. Aren't they pretty. Bobbi Brown's colors will look good on a range of beauties, and you control the intensity of the color. Great for that pop of color for EID and or nights out with the girls or ones spousal unit.

These colors are portable and travel well. Weather your the sister that is a 'lipstick hijabi' or the one that 'doesn't do make up'...a little blush goes a LONG way. If you pick up one, or have some let us know what you have and how you like it!

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Muslimahs got style

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

Who ever said that Muslimahs have NO style was WRONG? Who ever personifies that perception is just...well WRONG!! Muslimahs are fashion forward and so in the Mix. Blogging about beauty, make up, clothes and how to bring it all together.
Below are a list of some links that might help you propel you fashion forward. Please note..that fashion and style does not have to be expensive, just gotta know how to 'twirk(yes I said it) it'.

The Hijablog

Hijab High - This blog is just images of Muslim women ALL over the world. I love it!!

We Love Hijab - Great blog. The editor now has a magazine ( you must pay for subscriptions) and handy hand outs (there is a cost as well)

Hijab Revival an Turkish Aussie showing us her WONDERFUL hijabi style!

B Beauiful!
Umm Amirah

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Hijabi Project 2010

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

So here we are..another year...another Ramadaan. For those who aren't Muslim, but read this blog, Ramaadan is one of the most sacred months in Islam. Its the month in which the Islamic holy book, The Qur'an, was reveled. During this month Muslims fast (no food, no water, no marital relations) from just before dawn to sunset, all over the world. Its a month of repentance, of curbing one's desire, to focus on our Creator.

Last year BU came up with the Hijabi Project 2009(read about it here and here. A way for sisters to donate hijabs, accessories, and or money for new shahadas in the Washington, DC area. This was due to the increase of new Muslimahs in the area under 25, masha~allah (May Allah be praised). This year...readers, make it happen where YOU live. Host a 'Hijabi Project 2010' iftar, the meal after a day of fasting, in your community. Collect gently used or under used hijabs for new shahadas, sister that are incarcerated or sister in need. These are trying times we live in, Ramaadan is a way to purge what you have and insha~allah( God-willing) you'll receive a blessing in the next life.

Post a comment and let us know when your iftar is/was, and how many hijabs you collected? At the end of Ramaadan the reader who collected the MOST hijabs and or hijabi swag (pins, stick pins, accessories + hijabs) will WIN....a gift card to LUSH!!

**to claim this prize you will need to post a pick of said hijabs and sag on your blog (if you blog) or email it to me: ummamirah[at]beautifulummah[dot]com**

So start planning your dates. Get your iftar list together.

B Beautiful!
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beauty on the Outside: Creative Overgarments

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

Its HOT in the CITY!! 100 degrees here in the DC area. I pray you are staying cool and hydrated where EVER you are.

So when its hot and heavy outside..What is a hijabi/mujalbaba to do? I wear cool and light colors with light and thin hijabs. Need some linen styles? Check out Creative Overgarments (dot) com. Sister Tawanda is doing it up. Providing sisters with unique and creative styles to wear. Now I purchased linen for my overgarments..but one can purchase heavier fabrics for the winter.

In June she ran a special: 3 overgarments for $95 dollars and free shipping. It basically came out to 'buy two get one free'. Customers provide the fabric, that's fine with me. Below are pics of the three styles I choose.

This turquoise overgarment is the :Scrunch empire

This one is the :scrunch sleeve in pink

This is the:belted in Khaki(natural linen)

*photos taken by K.Cohen with HTC cell phone
I have worn two so far. Lots of complements. Lots of interest.

For July Sister Tawanda the special is '$35 overgarments w/ 2 details w/ free shipping and fast turnaround time. Material not included.' Turn around time is fast and Sister Tawanda is very much the business women. She will save your measurements in her database so you only need to send them once. She makes sure her clients are satisfied to they can order again.

Looking for something for EID? Get on it how!! Fabric is on sale till Labor Day.

B Beautiful!!
Umm Amirah

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Steals and Deals: the 4th

Salaams and Salutations Beauties!!

The Holiday weekend is that means...'Steals and Deals' this weekend!!

Check out an old fav of mine Pure Luxe Cosmetics:

June 25th through July 9th

25% off $25.00-$99.99 worth of product

30% off $100.00 - $199.99 worth of product

35% off $200.00 and up

For those frugalistas....stock up on $1 samples of PL's GREAT mineral shadows!!
Try the lipies as well...she's got a NEW one that I've got my eye on..Mistress (ooohhh aaaahhh oooo). Don't forget to put the discount in your cart.

Shop Craze is offering an additional 20% OFF on already reduced prices and on sale items of TrueFace & NYX Cosmetics.

Coupon Code: HAPPY4
Expires: July 10, 2010

Enjoy your days off...or on.

B Beautiful!
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something You Need !!!

Greetings Beauties!

For those whose skin suffers from summer clogged pores, Dermalogica has a something just for you!

Daily Microfoliant!!! Available from Ulta!!!

This great treat for all skin types is a wonderful addition to your daily nigh time treatments. This rice derived exfoliant is both a physical and chemical exfoliant with wonderful natural botanicals gently sloughs off dead skin which in turn allows new fresh skin to shine through. Use it after your cleanser before your toner by pouring 1/4 tsp of the granules in your hand and mix with water, apply to the skin of the face and neck while gently massaging in circular motions. Rinse and follow with your toner, serum and moisturizer. This treat will help even skin tone and texture while cleansing your clogged and enlarged pores. Get it, use it and love it!!!

Caio Beauties!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who's on First?

Salaams and Salutations Beauties!!!

Summer is SOON in FULL swing (its NOT official until the 23rd of this month), but we here in the D/M/V have been feeling it!!

So what does BU have for the summer...hmmm LOTS.

1) Review of MuslimDiva (dot) com (clothing)
2) Review of Overgarments (dot) com
3) Summer looks (oooohhh aaaaahh)
4) Riyaadah Fashion show (July 2010)
5) The Hijabi Project 2010

So get ready beauties.....

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Monday, May 24, 2010

NYC Make up Show


I just have to go STRAIGHT into this. Our little BU group started out early for the NYC Make up show. We got 1 day tickets because SOME poor people gotta work!!

Any whoo. The Make up show was great. Who did we see: BECCA, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Ignot,Stilla, Eve Pearl, Crown Brushes, and lots of newbies I didn't know. It seems like the BIG thing there was air brushed make up. I'm not a make artist was way over my head.

So the NYC Make up show comprises of vendors, make up artists, bloggers, press and make up enthusiasts. I guess I'm the later. It was soo nice to see most of the Make up bloggers I frequent. I only took a picture with ONE...too shy and insignificant to say a word.

Amina from Coup de Coeur. Masha~allah such a sweet person..and a real beauty.

After two hours of 'make up,make up, make up' the group was tired and hungry.

Please enjoy the pics.

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) BIG booth. Great discounts.



Eve Pearl was sooo down to earth. She did great demos.

Umm Aminah Honest

Next are the days hauls:

Crown Brushes

Finally got my foundation!!! 40% off!!

Great products. I have have two..the lip tints. Oh they double as a type of pot rouge.

great brush cleaner. smells great.

Hope you enjoyed...we surely did.
B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Been a long...we couldn't have left you

Salaams and Salutations,

Umm seems like LIFE has hit the Beautification team here at BU.

Umm lets see:
UmmAminahHonest...has a new ULTA. Koodos to her. If you ever in Silver Spring MD...look her up.

DynamicRadiance..had a BABY!!! Masha~allah..the new baby is a girl. She FINALLY got her girl. Mabrook (congrats lady)

HijabiApprentic ...has left BU **tear drops**. Her life is moving and shaking and we bid her a BIG thanks for her continued support of BU and all the articles she's blessed us with Well I'm starting a certificate program and trying to move. But we will try to catch up and keep up with you lovely ladies...

Be Beautiful!!
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Stila Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - The Runway

Here is my review of the Stila Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - The Runway. This kit is only available from Sephora, however all of the eye shadows and the liner are available for purchase separately should you miss the special set. The set is cute it comes with three full size eye shadow shades, 1 liner pencil in a cute compact with mirror and headband. The product is packaged well and the shades are very nice and highly pigmented. This is a neutral pallet. The liner is smooth and creamy which makes it easy to apply. If applied with a primer the eyeshadow stays true to original application. I applied the shadows mixed with MAC's Fix Plus. I think this is a good buy and a keeper. The total cost for the entire set is $20.00. I give it an A- only because you can not reuse the compact.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bint Qamar..getting your 'Hijabi On'

Asalaams and Salutations,

So I've been looking at Bint Qamar for a while. I like some of their hijabs and some of their styles. They have great I decided to buy a hijab or two..or three. Well.............I mean they are hijabs, BUT they are nice and light for the summer time. Check me out this week wearing my Bint Q hijab?

This bag is sooo cute. I think I might use it this summer.

Cute and lightweight hijabs

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New York State of Mine: Afternoon with the Madame

Salaams and Salutations,
We are at our LAST installment from our NYC trip in January. YES it took me THIS long to post these. I pray you enjoy

So the ladies had an afternoon treat at Madame Tussauds in NYC. MAN, can I say that this wax museum is sooo fun. Now I've been to the one in London, all of them are different, and that was nice too. Check us out ...enjoying ourselves.

Chanelling with the Dali Lama

I could be a 'bat girl'

Jammin with BoB

Had to take a pic with the sexy Mr. Bond

She was trying to get 'One more Chance'

My AM buddies

'They couldn't help it, if they wanted to...'

She HAD to take this pic

Yeah I have a boy band thing

I really hope you enjoyed our trip. We R doing it again in MAY!! This time the NYC Make Up Show. We are SOOOOO excited!!

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beauty on the Outside: Najmati

Salaams and Salutations,

This post had been removed per the company.
Please contact for more info.

Be Beautiful!
Umm Amirah

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New York State of Mind: Designer's Delight

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

SO while in NYC...I wanted to meet up with some of the NYC designers I knew and those who I'd seen and had yet to 'see' in person. So I contacted Sister Jennah from Al-Mujalbaba, Sister Najmah from Najm Designs, Sister Fawziyyah from Al-Musa Wear/House of Gems and Sister Saundra from Urban Hijab to meet with us in Brooklyn for a talk about clothes and beauty. They ALL came, masha~allah.


Sister Jennah talking about Al Mujalbaba

First up was Sister Jennah from Al-Mujalbaba. She talked about how long she had been in business and how she wanted to help sister become more modest. Have you seen her designs? LOVE THEM. I get all my hijabs from her (for you hijab wantabe thieves). She picks fabrics that are washable, wear great and look GOOD!!
We found out from her husband that prop designers from NBC's 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent' come to their store for prayer rugs and Qurans. They even had an 11 year old who took his shahada come in to pick up clothes.

Najmah discussing her love of fabrics and the philosophy behind her line. She is a sister on the move.

Next up was Najmah Abraham from NAJM Designs/ the NAJM Network. Sister Najmah really explained to the group about how she picks out her fabric. That for her and her fashions they have to be functional as well as affordable. That LOVELY she is showing us above is a jersey knit tiered dress. OK I sooo want that. EVERYONE wanted that.

Sister Najmah is an inspiration!! She inspires modesty. She's going to be at my MIL's fashion show next month. Can't wait to see the goodies she brings.

This dress is HOT. Any woman can wear it: on a field trip with the kids, to the grocery store, throw on some heels you can take it out to dinner with the girls, your spousal unit, even

Najm Designs

Najm designs is more than clothes...its a MOVEMENT in art.

Najla came and ripped it up for us. Soooo talented. Masha~allah

Our intermission was led by sister Najla Muhammad from NJ. She's a poet and she's brilliant!! So young, so beautiful, so talented..may Allah(swt) reward her in all her endeavors. She ROCKED it..FYI.

Urban Hijab

Next up was Sister Saundra from Urban Hijab. We learned at Friday night's dinner that she USE to be a scientist. But her increase in Deen led her away from that..and she started providing clothes for sisters. Masha~allah, she has some very nice high quality clothing. It was great to meet her, see and touch her designs. Umm Aminah purchased on outfit or two. Praying for a lot more to come from sister Saundra.

Urban hijab....samples. I loved them.

Sister Nadeerah brought us accessories. What is a hijabi without her hijab stick pins!!!

Fawziyyah with Al-Musa Wear. A young and fun designer from Harlem.

Last but NOT least was Sister Fawziyyah of Al-Musa Wear/House of Gems. She's a wife and mom that has LOTS of style. She's been making clothes with lots of flavor for years. Ladies in NYC know her and of her. Insha~allah she will continued to be blessed with much more success.

Her style is young, fun and modest. Just the thing the UMMAH needs to help younger sister's realize that modesty is more beautiful and pleasing to Allah(swt).

Al-Musa Wear

Umm Aminah, Fawziyyah, Najmah Umm Amirah and Dynamic Radiance

Umm Aminah, Najla, Umm Amirah and Dynamic Radiance, wow what a night.

What a NIGHT!! We were exhausted but it was a fun night. Can't wait to go back and do it AGAIN!!

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah