Friday, July 23, 2010

QVC and Bobbi Brown scoping

Salaams and Salutations Beauties, HOT. Make up is scarce on this face (smile). So I pulled out a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for a little color on the cheeks. LOVE IT! Then I went over to QVC to see if the new Denim Palette was there on flex pay (frugalista). Not yet, but isn't it pretty?

Bobbi Brown Denim Palette

All those pinks are GREAT for the summer, even on brown girls. On weekends I love to kick back and wear a great pair of jeans and a long go to the farmer's market and or the movies.

Sasquatch Swatch of Pot Rouges

Lets talk about Pot Rouges. They have been discontinued by Bobbi Brown on her website and Nordstrom, BUT they are on QVC. OMG they are sooo multi functional. Place them on your cheeks and on your lips. Gotta LOVE a multi-functional product. Sasquatch Swatch has done a great job swatching these. Aren't they pretty. Bobbi Brown's colors will look good on a range of beauties, and you control the intensity of the color. Great for that pop of color for EID and or nights out with the girls or ones spousal unit.

These colors are portable and travel well. Weather your the sister that is a 'lipstick hijabi' or the one that 'doesn't do make up'...a little blush goes a LONG way. If you pick up one, or have some let us know what you have and how you like it!

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah


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