Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hijabi Project: Ramadan 2009

Salaams and Salutations Beautifuls,

Hijabi Apprentice posted a YouTube from a fellow hijabi that doing a hijab give away for ramadan. When I saw it I was like , 'Masha~allah that is great!!'. I also thought that since there have been an influx of new sister's in MY area I wanted them to benefit from the idea as well. So came along the Hijabi Project.

In the D/M/V I will be providing 10 free hijabs to new muslimahs, tween and teens this ramadan. I'm asking that they be in THIS area because I'm not mailing them, sorry. I'm looking for sister's who would like to donate hijabs, pins, time, colored tissue paper for wrapping and ramadan cards. I'm also looking for business that want to donate or give away 10% discounts on merchandise for these new muslimah.

Check out the events page on BEAUTIFUL UMMAH for more info.

Enjoy the Ramadan Project from The Vintage Goth:

**all donations are fisabilillah (for the pleasure of allah(swt)**

And please if you see a need like THIS in your area....share the idea and insha~allah it can be of some benifit to someone during the blessed month of Ramadan.

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah


zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum sister, I would love to donate a few hijabs,. I love this idea , I was in love with this from the entire time I read it on Hijabi Apprentice.
However I am having a difficult time finding the info in reguards the donating. If it would'nt be to much trouble, could you
1. post the info or 2. email it to me at, Insha Allah. Shukrn, sister.
As salaamu alaikum ( smile)

Amina said...

Bless your heart for your generosity :)

Umm Amirah said...

Hey ladies,
Zainab...the link to the BU home page is there.
I'll email you though.
Jazakallah kheir...and may Allah(swt) reward you for your generosity.

malizea said...

Mashallah that's an amazing idea!! I think I will try out this with my friend in france!! mashallah you all are going to have many hasanat inchallah