Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get ready contest in the making

Salaams and Saluations,

So...upon looking into my closet and my hijab hangers I wondered if I could wear '30 hijabs in 30 days'. I mean 30 different hijabs, no repeats, for 30 days. I believe I can...but can YOU? Well Beautiful Ummah will be having a challenge in March of 2012. We are still working out the details and gathering up prizes. There will be a local prize (DC Metro area) and a US & Canada prize. Sorry no other international prizes at this time.

So take a gander at your 'stash' ..and see if you want to participate.

More info to come.

Be Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bringing in the New Year on Day One

Salaams and Salutations,
Its a NEW year...2012. WOW. Bet you weren't thinking about '2012' in like 1999!!
Well here in the Maryland area there has been a dinner/performance cruise for about two years now. This year was Day ONE II. Muslims and Muslim friendly occupying the whole boat. Soothed buy spoken word and jazzy sounds. A real opportunity to dress up and become 'Halal Sexy'.

The boat was packed with couples and groups alike. Date night for many married couples, kids tucked away at grandma's or with a sitter. Girls and guys coming out to see who's to be seen, hoping to make a connection.
ME?? Well I just got pretty and showed up.

UmmAminahHonest and her 'date'

pictures buy MINA Sheereen

Me with one of my Philly gals

pictures buy MINA Sheereen

Me with my 'ladies'- missing 1 *sadface*

pictures buy MINA Sheereen

EVERYONE looked so nice. They really knew how to do up 'Halal Sexy'. Its sad that this event can't or won't be done in other cities. Muslims are human too and WANT to go out and have a good time. Everyone was on their 'P's' and 'Q's'. Everyone had proper adab. It was a great time. Gear up for Day ONE III next January..iA

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah