Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water: the life source

Salaams and Salutations Beauties.....

Ramadan mubarak!!! Eight to nine days into this glorious month...and WATER has become essential. Here in on the East's HOT. I mean lay in the shade HOT. At sahur and at iftar I find myself drinking at MOST 32oz of water. The days are soooo long.

Here are some facts about water from Wikipedia:

The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size.[28] To function properly, the body requires between one and seven liters of water per day to avoid dehydration; the precise amount depends on the level of activity, temperature, humidity, and other factors. Most of this is ingested through foods or beverages other than drinking straight water. It is not clear how much water intake is needed by healthy people, though most advocates agree that 6–7 glasses of water (approximately 2 litres) daily is the minimum to maintain proper hydration.[29] Medical literature favors a lower consumption, typically 1 liter of water for an average male, excluding extra requirements due to fluid loss from exercise or warm weather.[30] For those who have healthy kidneys, it is rather difficult to drink too much water, but (especially in warm humid weather and while exercising) it is dangerous to drink too little. People can drink far more water than necessary while exercising, however, putting them at risk of water intoxication (hyperhydration), which can be fatal.

Because Ramadan for the Muslim is a 'dry fast', meaning NO food or water during morning hours, water is very important in body hydration. Please note that the 'dry fast' sets muslims a part from other faiths that fast.

Sooo get up on your H2O people. Muslim or NOT, water is sooo key. I mean without it humans pass away.

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moisturize Your Situation!

Salaams Beautifuls!

I know during Ramadan we Muslimahs are busy with ibadah (worship) in addition to our daily family obligations but that is no reason to neglect one's self!


In the morning when I wake up to prepare suhoor (breakfast) for my family I wash my and apply my moisturizer of choice which most days is Zaja Naturals Fitoderm. I love this stuff!! Other times during the day after performing wudu(ablutions for prayer) I will mist my face with MAC Fix+ and follow up with the Fitoderm or Oyin Afterbath!


I have also been doing a lot of pre-shampoo treatments as of late to keep my UBER dry hair moist. I will do a combo of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Oyin AfterBath or plain coconut oil. I saturate my hair either overnight or right before I jump in the shower, pay special attention to the ends of my hair.


I like to moisturize in the shower and just blot off after. It leaves my skin super moist. Broken record time (lol): I use either Oyin AfterBath or coconut oil for this job.


I cannot stress enough to drink plenty of water!! I am horrible at this myself. For those of us who are fasting it is doubly important to get in plenty of water at suhoor and at iftar. I'm so serious.

Okay ladies I'm off to get some post-fajr sleep.

ma'a salaamah

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Mubarak

Salaams and Salutations Beauties

The ladies of Beautiful Ummah would like to wish you all a blessed Ramadan. Although we know that not all of our readers are muslims, it is our duty to recognise our most holiest of months. Ramadan is not just a month without food, it a month of mercy and introspection. A time when we as Muslims can work on ourselves and our relationship with our Creator.

Some of you who are not Muslim have Muslim friends, wish them a 'Blessed Ramadan' or even 'Ramadan Mubarak'. Join an MSA 'Fast-a-Thon' or fast on your own from sundown to sunset. Islamic Greeting Cards can be purchased from Muslamb Paper Goods, Silver Envelope, or A Crafty Arab.

I will leave you with words from the Prophet Muhammad's sermon on Ramadan:

Baihaqi reported on the authority of Salman Al-Farsi (Radhi Allah 'Anh) that Prophet ('Alaihi Salat was-Salam) delivered a sermon on the last day of the month of Sha'ban. In it he ('Alaihi Salat was-Salam) said,

"O People! The month of Allah (Ramadan) has come with its mercies, blessings and forgivenesses. Allah has decreed this month the best of all months. The days of this month are the best among the days and the nights are the best among the nights and the hours during Ramadan are the best among the hours. This is a month in which you have been invited by Him (to fast and pray). Allah has honoured you in it. In every breath you take is a reward of Allah, your sleep is worship, your good deeds are accepted and your invocations are answered.

Therefore, you must invoke your Lord in all earnestness with hearts free from sin and evil, and pray that Allah may help you to keep fast, and to recite the Holy Qur'an. Indeed!, miserable is the o ne who is deprived of Allah's forgiveness in this great month. While fasting remember the hunger and thirst o n the Day of Judgement. Give alms to the poor and needy. Pay respect to your elders, have sympathy for your youngsters and be kind towards your relatives and kinsmen. Guard your tongue against unworthy words, and your eyes from scenes that are not worth seeing (forbidden) and your ears from sounds that should not be heard.

Be kind to orphans so that if your children may become orphans they will also be treated with kindness. Do repent to Allah for your sins and supplicate with raised hands at the times of prayer as these are the best times, during which Allah Almighty looks at His servants with mercy. Allah Answers if they supplicate, Responds if they call, Grants if He is asked, and Accepts if they entreat. O people! you have made your conscience the slave of your desires.

Make it free by invoking Allah for forgiveness. Your back may break from the heavy load of your sins, so prostrate yourself before Allah for long intervals, and make this load lighter. Understand fully that Allah has promised in His Honour and Majesty that, people who perform salat and sajda (prostration) will be guarded from Hell-fire o n the Day of Judgement.

O people!, if anyone amongst you arranges for iftar (meal at sunset) for any believer, Allah will reward him as if he had freed a slave, and Allah will forgive him his sins. A companion asked: "but not all of us have the means to do so" The Prophet (SAAWS) replied: Keep yourself away from Hell-fire though it may consist of half a date or even some water if you have nothing else.

Ramadan Mubarak and B Beautiful!!
Umm Amirah

Friday, August 14, 2009

Contest winner...late I know **sigh**

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,

Umm Amirah is back (wow 3 times in ONE week!) Anywhoo, in April I posted a contest and only 1 person submitted an entry **le sigh*. Amina from over at Coup de Coeur submitted entry. The Contest was posted here.

I know...I'm a slacker...well FYI Amina..your HONEY MONEY should be sent this weekend. Thanks so much for your submission and acceptance of Beautiful Ummah into the beauty blog family. **big cheese**

This is Amina's pic (so pretty) and here is her look, in her own words:

'My warm weather look is Minimal with an emphasis on great skin and blush/lips combos
Here in Bloomington, it is so hot and humid and the last thing I want to do is wear anything. So my warm weather look is all about cheeks and lips. I won't wear any foundation, tinted moisturizer, just a touch of a concealer dot on any spots that need to be concealed and gently add with a light hand pressing powder.

my eyes: just mascara and make sure that my eyebrows are on point
my cheeks:it's all about cream blush and/or bronzer!!
lips: my colors these summers are MAC Red Devil, Bobbi Brown Tangerine and Bobbi Brown hot pink

I will be wearing my Bobbi Brown pot rouge or Stila convertible color/ push up color.'

BU family let's give Amina a round of applause. Look out for more contests coming this fall.

B Beauitful
Umm Amirah

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hijabi Project: Ramadan 2009

Salaams and Salutations Beautifuls,

Hijabi Apprentice posted a YouTube from a fellow hijabi that doing a hijab give away for ramadan. When I saw it I was like , 'Masha~allah that is great!!'. I also thought that since there have been an influx of new sister's in MY area I wanted them to benefit from the idea as well. So came along the Hijabi Project.

In the D/M/V I will be providing 10 free hijabs to new muslimahs, tween and teens this ramadan. I'm asking that they be in THIS area because I'm not mailing them, sorry. I'm looking for sister's who would like to donate hijabs, pins, time, colored tissue paper for wrapping and ramadan cards. I'm also looking for business that want to donate or give away 10% discounts on merchandise for these new muslimah.

Check out the events page on BEAUTIFUL UMMAH for more info.

Enjoy the Ramadan Project from The Vintage Goth:

**all donations are fisabilillah (for the pleasure of allah(swt)**

And please if you see a need like THIS in your area....share the idea and insha~allah it can be of some benifit to someone during the blessed month of Ramadan.

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

In Person Illamasqua Review

Greetings Beauties!!!

Here is the long awaited view of my Illamasqua haul from I am so sad that the Sephora in this area do not have the Illmasqua displays yet. I am hoping the D/M/V gets one soon.

I have to admit, I was hating at first. I only tried fatal when I got the package and I am still not impressed with that color. It is no where near as rich as MAC's purple lines. It almost reminded me of Cover Girl or something. However, once I finished my large serving of hateraid I tried the other colors. To my surprise, the other colors that I ordered were very, very nice. I ordered one of the loose pigment was VERY nice. In comparison, MAC's eyeshadow choices are less expensive at 14.50 for 1.5grams verses Illmasqua's 20.00 for 2grams. All and all, these are good buys if you do not mind ordering on-line unless you are in the New York Area. I hope this review is helpful!

Here are the swatches and the look I created with these three colors. I had to add some of my MAC shadow in Parfait Amour Frost....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of Summer hauling...discounts

Salaams and Salutations Beauties!!
I pray you all have been well. I've got some goodies for you. I checked my email and what did I see? Anita grant has FREE Shipping till the end of August!!! WHAT?? I've been lemming Anita Grant for YEARS. Wouldn't order cuz the shipping from the UK is NO joke. BUT....this is worth taking a gander at. Free you can go half with a friend!!

Check out EmpressRi from YouTube. She is a TRUE product junkie!!! (I thought, everyone thought, I was bad. I ain't got NOTHING on She gives a great review of Anita Grant (with my British accent) here:

It looks like I'm a stick to samples to keep this under $100. Definately want that Carmellia Kissi oil, a Rhassoul heart, a couple of Lip Puckers and the Organic Sapote & Coconut Palmade. What about you?

Oh...and don't forget that Urban Decay is having a 30% off Friends and Family sale till the 20h of the month. Use code FNFF1 at checkout to get the discount.I love me some Urban Decay. I've been lemming their palettes for a WHILE now. I mean palettes are SOOO economical and are great for travel. This way I don't have to wait till the end of year sales to get them...hurraayy.

Check out Pursebuzz's swatches of Urban Decay products. She does a GREAT job!!

Happy shopping....

B Beautiful

Umm Amirah