Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Promanad ....OYIN handmade!!!

Salaams and Salutations,

This Saturday UmmAminahHonest and I met up with a fellow Soror of ours and headed to Baltimore for a teeter. So first we teetered to Modest Intentions on Reisterstown Road. We teeted for a while in the modest clothes: abayas, hijabs, hijabs and more hijabs. I have enough...mmmmm NO I don't..LOL.

Then we got my GPS on my new phone working and headed out to OYIN. OYIN has a new store in Baltimore on N. Charles Street. Its opened from 12pm to 7pm. Please note that you have to feed the meets in Baltimore on the weekends ( that sucks!).

So we made it! Since I have an upcoming interview with Jamyla- the mixtress, I will only give a taste of all the pics I took.

Exit the Apple is not only the flagship store for OYIN but also other interests for Pierre and Jamyla. That includes bags, t-shirts, books,and music. These two are all about nurturing your passions. UmmAminahHonest got a boost of energy from these two because they are 'living their dream'.

The Hubster explaining to UmmAminahHonest

UmmAminahHonest buying product..doesn't she look happy!

UmmAminahHonest and our lovely Soror needed product introduction from the OYIN team. Me, being the OYIN honey I am..I picked out what I needed. I use the Burnt Sugar Pomade and Shine and Define on the kids hair. Shine and Define helps with the frizzles and the pomade makes weekly braiding smoother.

My haul: Shine and Define, Burnt Sugar Pomade, After Bath, with samples

Know that right now when you come in the store you walk out with lots of samples. I received samples of Whipped Pudding, Poo Bar and Juices and Berries. I just believe you can never have enough OYIN. Get there early..they open at 12pm. On the 28th they are asking for testimonials from their customers...don't know if I can make it (sad face).

Visiting Oyin was a great experience. NH is now ready to go. He's going to sponsor my next haul of Honey Hemp Condish (the big bottle), Cup of Joe and maybe a T-shirt or book too.

B. Beautiful
Umm Amirah


Amina said...

I can't wait to visit the store one day :)

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love the background....
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