Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beautiful Ummah Launch party pics

Umm Aminah Honest and Umm Amirah at RJ Cafe.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
So Beautiful Ummah had Launch Party in Beltville, MD. So Umma Aminah and I invited some sister to the new local Halal joint-- RJ Cafe for some food, fun and make up talk. We had about 10 sisters show up and it was great fun. I will NOT discuss the fact that I was late..but I was glad to get there.

I did a couple of faces and Umm Aminah talked make up, what else!!

Pure Luxe products used

NYX Penny eye shadow used and MAC Viva Glam VI lip gloss

We pray to do another BU event in about 6 months. Maybe we can do a two state event..or bring two cities together at ONE never know.

We pray you enjoyed the pictures and thanks to all those who came out to support up.

Sorors and product junkies that have come together here on Beautiful Ummah
B Beautiful
Umm Amirah


Amina said...

you look like you had so much fun!! inch'allah i hope to join you some day

Umm Amirah said...

ASA WAS fun. RJ's is the bomb in MD now. The new 'place to b' for families and groups too.

The company was great too...

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Love it!! I hope to be at the next one!

UmmAminahHonest said...

Yeah, we hope you are at the next one too! We had a ball!