Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lush...NOT a bad word.

Salaams and Saluations Beauties,

I found out about LUSH a couple of years ago..and I loooovvveee it. To go into a LUSH store one is CONSUMED with smells. Bath bombs, soap, salves, masques..OH MY.
But LUSH cares, it's a global company that sells handmade products. From cosmetics to bath and body..LUSH does it all.

I like LUSH because it has great gift ideas..from the bath bombs above to soaps and salves (stuff you throw in your shower). They also have pre made boxes in different price points for even the most frugelist of fashionistas.

Honey I washed the kids smells great. Made with Natural honey and stuff....**smile**

I like Demon in the Dark too.

I heard this one is a good one. I have yet to try it thought. Its gotta be good for the skin..porridge.

These two (above and below) are face soaps Fresh Pharmacy is GREAT on ZITS. You can even due spot jobs. Dable a little on a zit at night, it will help clear it up in the morning. I've heard some LUSHERS say that Fresh Pharmacy is like a kinder gentler pro-active...I've never used that, but Fresh Pharmacy does the job.

Coal Face is a good everyday face wash as well. You can even ask for a cut that fits your budget (only in the store thought).

Silky underwear is a great Bridal shower or birthday gift for a close friend. Its become my birthday 'quickie' I so need to get my own!!

I had a bridal shower to go to on last Saturday so I skipped over to my local LUSH and bought a gift...and these goodies below. One was a freebie..

LOVE LETTUCE: is a face mask. I LUVE THIS!! It must stay refridgerated, remember this.
COAL FACE: is a great face soap.
ANGELS on Bare Skin: is a face wash that truely smells yummy. (it was the freebie)

This was the gift I purchases: Silky Underwear and a Whip Stick (chocolate lip balm). Great combo's for a bride to be. Mabruk Amatuallah

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what YOU like from LUSH.
B. Beautiful
Umm Amirah


Benchian Janny said...

Them shops smell so nice,
you can smell the aroma of it all from outside the shop!