Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Interview with YouTuber Caramelle47!!!

Salaams Beautiful Ones!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my fave makeup mavens on YouTube, Caramelle47 aka Wafa! She dishes about makeup, Islam and the haraam police ;). I was scanning through YouTube and I saw a hijabi in a stunning (check it out below! swoon) blue hijab/dupatta and I had to know more about our sister in Islam :).

Hijabi Apprentice: Masha Allah, you are 19 and already so skilled in makeup! When did you get started? What were your influences?


I’ve been experimenting with makeup since I was 13 years old. When I was 14, I started wearing eyeliner to school and I am now addicted. I wasn’t very good in the beginning, but Alhamdulillah I’ve picked up quite a few skills from the YouTube makeup community.

HA: Do you ever face (in real life or on YouTube) the "haraam police" or people who feel as a hijabi you should not wear makeup? If so how do you deal with that?


Oh all the time! I get people preaching about Islam and Islamic etiquette for women underneath my videos and I get comments calling me names. I normally just block the users who present hatred and I try not to comment back because most of the negative comments are just spam. I have even made it clear on my homepage that I’m not preaching Islam on my channel, I strictly present my love for makeup and beauty, but many don’t understand that. Just because I wear a hijab doesn’t mean that I don’t have other interests, I’m a Muslim girl who absolutely loves makeup! J

HA: Do you have a muse or an inspiration for your makeup looks?


I love bright colours and funky looks. My inspirations usually come from the clothes that I wear and the mood I’m in for that particular day. Sometimes I hardly wear any makeup!

HA: What is your favourite makeup brand?


I don’t have a favourite makeup brand because I like to use a variety of things. If the colour payoff for the product is very good, I’ll love it! I like to use a variety of high end and drugstore products because it all depends on the quality, price, and type of makeup that I’m buying.

HA: If you only had 5 - 10 minutes to put together a makeup look what would it consist of?


If I had 10 minutes, I would definitely have my liquid or cream black eyeliner, mascara and a lip-gloss. Usually that’s all the time I have for makeup in the morning, so that’s what I wear on a daily basis.

HA: When do you go all out with your makeup looks?


I go all out at weddings and events where there will be lots of pictures taken. You’ve gotta look good for the flash! =D

HA: How has your culture influenced your beauty preferences?


My parents are Pakistani (and I’ve been raised in Canada since I was five years old). The South Asian culture is known for its bold and bright colours during party time. When I wear my cultural clothing, I normally do bright and colourful looks to go along with the fancy outfits.

HA: Okay time for the cliche question LOL! Which 5 items (beauty or otherwise) would you take with you on a desert island?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... This one is hard!

If I had to pick I would choose:

1) Cream Eyeliner

2) A nude lipgloss

3) Blush

4) Trendy hijab


HA: What was your last makeup haul?


My last makeup haul would have been about a month ago (before Valentine’s Day). It was a collective haul (I visited the MAC three times that week) and bought lots of things each time.

HA: What is your definition of beauty?


My definition of beauty is someone who can portray themselves through any art form and still shine through. That also includes people who can be themselves, be original and unique at the same time. True beauty to me is not about how a person looks necessarily, but how they carry themselves regardless of the situation. It’s about the person’s inner character, their true definition of who they are and how they combine that with their outside to present their utmost self.

HA: Which aspect of Islam do you find most beautiful?


I find that within Islam, you can always find an answer. There is peace, patience, and good character amongst those who practice Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion when it is properly understood. Islam itself means peace, so for one to live their life with that sole definition, it can alter the way many think and feel about life in general (in a very good way of course).

Thank you Wafa from all of us at Beautiful Ummah!


MuslimahonaDiet said...

Want, no Need this Blue Hijab!!! Okay moving on , this girl got like mad skillz...

Amina said...

mashallah she's soooo beautiful! and only 19!! Woooooow! her skills are amaazing!!
She's such a beautiful inside too, you can tell from her eyes and voice! I subscribed to her youtube channel.
That's a great series Hijabiapprentice :)

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Salaams ladies:

MoaD: I know right! I was paying more attention to the hijab than the makeup!

Amina: She is masha Allah!! I'm glad you like the series! Thank you for being my premiere interview subject :).

Umm Amirah said...

OMGoodness, HA..GREAT interview. Masha~allah, I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE (singing) that she uses the CS palette!!! ROCK ON. She's NOT a MAC BLEEP. I'm with Wafa on using highly pigmented colors REGARDLESS of the name brand. (she's my new best friend!!)
Great style, great tutorial, great inteview!!

purvis said...

HA, I LOVE these interviews... what a creative way to share beauty info with BU's readers! You ask JUST the right questions, too!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Awww thanks ladies!!! I need to study Wafa's vids because she has skills!

Umm Amirah said...

Yes..i just learned how to use my cream liner!!! Thanks Wafa and HA.!!!

Wafa said...

Salaam Sisters and Readers of BU,

Thank you for interviewing me! I had fun answering the questions! =)

And I would also like to thank all of you lovely sisters for the support! <3




Anonymous said...

I agree with her about the haram police. I love makeup (I'm 15) and I get so much of that "makeup is haram" crap. It's complete bull, in my opinion. For anyone who can read, Zeenah clearly refers to ridiculous amounts of jewelry. And don't people ever remember the "except for what should ordinarily appear thereof??!!" that means "a normal amount." Seriously, get over it! Haram annoying.