Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Must Accessorize..a hijabi's story

Salaams and Salutations Beauties,
Happy New Year...for those who induldge. I chilled out on the 31st. I was packing and preparing to move to another city in the D/M/V ((jump up and down here)). Saturday Abu Amirah and I went out with the Maryland Ummah on a night cruise. It was truly for the grown and halal sexy *wink*. EVERYONE came out in their BEST. You could TELL sister's and brother's REALLY put thought into their outfits and accessories.

So today's post is on accessories. Do you wear them? Well let me tell you accessories can REALLY make your outfits POP (ooohhhh aaaaaa oooo here).

Somethings to try are necklaces. I wasn't always into them, but as of late they really make my outfits come to life.

This is a Pearl Daisy necklace. Very simple and chic.

Purchased from Etsy.

Love this Etsy find. It can be worn with SO many colors.

Of course I go for the unique and different. I heart Etsy because I can find unique and handmade pieces. Although I have an accessory budget, like a hijab budget-lol, I splurge every now and then.

So what about brooches? When one thinks for brooches do you picture little old ladies knitting in circles?? Scratch about fly hijabs with fly brooches!!

These pictured below are from New Look. New Look is a UK company that sells accessories, much like forever 21.


Goes great with jeans, read or white.

Very elegant.

So you have your necklaces, your brooches and now there are head bands. Of course I go for the IN YOU FACE type. Subtlety is NOT my These headbands or bandos (for you UK ladies) add a little 'somethin' somethin'' to an outfit and hijab look. More pics like these to come.

This lovely was purchased from New Look and its so pretty. I wore it with My Day 1 outfit (another post).

A Forever 21 find.

Another Forever 21 find.

Boho chic from Forever 21.

Okay. I KNOW there were lots of pics in this post..but I just COULDN'T talk about acccessories and NOT show you the ones I use. So ladies, enjoy, experiment, let me know how you like them.

B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah


Tamarah said...

beatuiful...i gotta check out that website...