Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday at Aveda!!!

Hello Beauties!

Yesterday, I participated in my first hair and makeup show and it was PHENOMENAL! Check out the Beautiful Ummah Group page for the details. We had a blast! If anyone has ever done a show, you understand the adrenaline rush. Here is my favorite detail...I used all Aveda colors for this look because it was a requirement for the show, however you can get a better result from MAC. Here is how to create that smokey eye.....

  1. Prep and Prime the entire face and prime the eyes. I prefer the Urban Decay Primer, however a coat of your foundation will do fine.
  2. Layer on your favorite gold shimmer eyeshadow over the entire lid. I prefer Bronze frost.
  3. Under the brow use Goldmine as highlight. Blend well to erase the line of demarkation.
  4. Use a smokey color in the crease and near the lashes. Blend well.
  5. Use Goldmine to line under the eyes making sure to get as close to the lashes as possible. Use a damp brush to lay it on thick.
  6. Apply Black liner using the cat eye shape and extend the line put into a tail.
  7. Smudge the line so it is not so hard and line under the eyes as well.
  8. Apply goldmine under the tail and blend well.
  9. Do your brows, make them count!
  10. Smile- Your done!
I am going to the International Beauty Show in New York Tomorrow, I will post all my finds and deals!


B said...

That look is beautiful! Gettin' your learn go, sis!