Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easy Fix For Dull Hair

HijabiApprentice gave me some great advice once, when I was complaining about how my curly hair gets "used" to the shampoos and conditioners I use, and begins to look dull and lifeless--until I change brands, that is.  She told me that this is because of buildup on my hair, and the reason that using a new product seems to helps is because it's washing off the residue from the previous product.  And if I clarified my hair, I would't have this problem (or need to change brands).  

So, for the past few months I've been clarifying my hair with baking soda about once a week, and I am AMAZED at how much better, fresher and *bouncier* my hair is!  Here's how I use it, although there are other methods that are used:  I take a small handful of baking soda, squirt some cheap shampoo into my hand along with it, mix it together and wash my hair with the mixture.  Then, I rinse and wash again with shampoo only.  When I condition afterwards, my hair absorbs the conditioner much better than it had before, and as soon as I step out of the shower, I can tell the difference in texture.  My hair is sooo well moisturized and looks and feels so much healthier.  So.. if you have a problem with dull hair, try this method of stripping off the buildup--it's cheap, and easy, and it works.

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MuslimahonaDiet said...

OMG, really baking soda! Will try that this week, i am growing an afro and my hair is so dry, that i need all the help i can. Thanks for the tip.

Amina said...

thank you for this advice!
I still need to try baking soda for my hair...

Umm Amirah said...

ASA Pervis,
OMG ...i just used AVC for my hair...and now i'm going to look into baking soda. SOoooo economical **wink, wink**

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Hey Purv! Thanks for name dropping me! I love baking soda for so many different uses! It's definitely one of those "dessert island" products!



purvis said...

LOL! I'm sure every tip I share on here will have originated with you, HA! I used to wear shoes with holes in them (even though I could TOTALLY afford nice ones) before I met you!!