Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show Me What You Got- MAC HK and More Haul

Here is what I got...Somethings new and some old faithful refills!

Somethings New!

Everything new is from the Hello Kitty Collection except one item. These colors look super crazy in the palettes but they look incredible on, especially when you blend them while allowing the individual colors to shine through. Here is a my list:

Too Dolly Eyeshadow Palette

Lucky Tom Eyeshadow Palette

Tippy Beauty Powder Blush

Popster Lip Conditioner with SPF15

NW45 Studio Sculpt Concealer

I love the lip conditioner because it adds a pinch of color to your regular chap stick. The beauty powder looks really natural and it blends well. The eyeshadow pallets are awesome and they really pop when you add a great base. The new studio sculpt line is great because you get complete coverage and color match of the old concealer with a lighter coverage. The difference between the studio sculpt and the regular pot concealer is the studio sculpt is whipped and you get more for the same price, plus you do not need to use as much.

Here are my old favorite refills:

Lip Pencil in Nightmoth

Blacktrack Fluidline Eyeliner

Brushes 252 and 266

The fluidline is awesome and it is great if you like to share makeup with your friends because it is a pot and not a pencil. If someone come towards your face with any type of makeup pencil and they did not sharpen and clean it before your eyes, run. You can not imagine the type of infections and diseases you can pass around like that. Hygiene is the most important thing to remember. With the fluid line, you can apply it with a disposable lip brush to share this treat without sharing germs. You get a good, consistent, sharp, line without having a steady hand.

Nightmoth is my absolute fav lip pencil because it transforms any lip shine, gloss or glass and makes it pop.

Look out for my actual video tutorials coming soon, I think I am going to do a Hello Kitty eye to start but the jury is still out on that.


Amina said...

thank you for sharing your haul with us!! i might get lucky tom! I am just afraid paradisco might look too light..

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Ooh!!! I can't wait to see what looks you create!