Thursday, February 19, 2009

R & D: MAC and Sephora

Salaams and Salutations...
A couple of weeks ago..I went out to MAC and Sephora for a little R&D (research and developmemt). I decided I needed to try out some stuff before I bought them myself.

First I went to MAC. I've been trying to get to MAC for weeks!!! HA talks about MAC all the time: MAC this and MAC that was time to try it out.

I have on MAC Skinfinish natural in Dark. I luv it. It doesn't look 'cakey' or unnatural. And MAC girlie told me how I can make it more 'all over' depending on the brush I use (ooohhhh brushes)

So I took this MAC face over to Sephora. There was a lot here I wanted to try out. Sephora is like a woman's candy store, with make up being the candy. So I continued to promenade through NARS, Benefit Cosmetics, CARGO and O.P.I.

Scandalous Beauty talks about NARS here. She raves about Crazed and Dolce Vita being in ever brown girls repertoire of blushes (yes brown girls should wear blush). So above this is Dolce Vita in the store and then Dolce Vita on ME!! I love it!!

So I went over to Benefit Cosmetics and put on the BABE CAKE eyeliner. I wanted to try this because Queen of Blending ALWAYS uses it. I mean I still need to work on my technique..but I think I did okay.

Then I tried the Powder in a Box line from Benefit Cosmetics. Hoola caught my eye from the get being in Sephora I had to try it.

So I was out for an hour and 45 minutes alone to skip along in make up stores. I got a lot of research done. I know what I will be buying the next time I make a Sephora and MAC purchase online. So that is me at the end of the day. Not too shabby heh?

face: MAC mineralize skin finish natural in DEEP
face: MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW 50 and NW 45 under the eyes
face: MAC prep and Prime
face: MAC studio moisturiser fix
face: NARS dulce vita
face: Benefit Cosmetics Powder in a box in HOOLA
eyes: UD eye potion primer
eyes: NARS e/s duo in Cordura and Sugarland (I mixed and matched)
eyes: Benefit Cosmetics Babe Cake
lips: MAC cork liner
lips: Dazzleglass in Monogram (monogram collection)

Hope you enjoyed it.
B Beautiful

Umm Amirah


Amina said...

you look beautiful mashallah!!
I loove dolce vita too!!

Umm Amirah said...

I was not a believer at first...NARS is what's UP!!! **breaks out in song** Nothing compairs..NuTHING you!!!