Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Safe Makeup Sharing


I was chatting at work with some coworkers that want to host a Beauty Hour(Makeover Home Party) and I was being questioned about how to safely share makeup. I thought this would be a good topic to share. So here are some quick tips.

All Loose Powders- (especially minerals) You should tap out a small amount onto a pallet or tissue and use it on 1 person only. When you are done, throw the tissue away and start with a cleaned/sanitized brush or new applicator and tissue for the next person. This should be done for all loose powders, no matter where they go on the face. You must take extra care with your mineral makeup because they do not have preservatives that can kill some germs.

For pressed- eyeshadow, blush and powder foundation you should use a new applicator or cleaned brush for everyone new. You do not have to shake off a dusting like with the loose powders, just use what you want and then use a clean tissue and rub off the first layer of product. Do not spray alcohol into your pressed makeup, you will ruin it.

Liquids foundation- Use on an applicator and be careful not to touch the used applicator onto the mouth of the bottle, which can cause contamination.

Lipstick- Spray with alcohol and wipe it off with a tissue once it has been used or scrape off a small amount and use a lip brush.

Mascara- NEVER SHARE IT! Unless you only use a disposable applicator and the original applicator has been cut off.

Lip gloss and anything with that type of applicator- NEVER USE IT! Unless the original applicator has been cut off.

Pencils- Must be sharpened and sprayed with alcohol after it has been used.

I love my sisters and fellow Muslimahs but I do not want to share or receive germs and infections. If you follow these rules you will safely paint the sisters of the world pretty! The best way cure an infection is to never get one.

The best on the spot brush cleaner is from Ulta, it is a spray that you wipe off with a tissue to kill germs. To watch a good makeup sharing process in action, go to your local department store that has a MAC counter and watch them work. They have the best hygiene system out there.


Amina said...

thank you for the tips
i don't allow anyone to breath around my make