Thursday, February 5, 2009

Product Review: Oyin Handmade

Oyin handmade started out as an online endeavour a couple of years ago. It's run by Jamila and Pier. They are the craziest couple I've ever come across. Their website presently sells their Body/hair products. I am SOOOO an OYIN honey. This means that I like: The honey hemp conditioner, the whipped shea, funk butter, Greg's juice, juices and berries ( oud to Coming to America here--lol), and stuff I haven't even tried. If you like hand make products, smell goods, or are a product junkie like ME--Oyin is for you.

So lets do a product breakdown:


Greg's Juice:
Is a leave in hair pick me up. Great smell. Really light. For those with natural hair it won't weight it down. NH loves it. He actually commandeered mine..oh well. It beeez like that some times.

Juices and Berries:
Its the same type of product as Greg's Juice. Its more fruity than GJ. Just a great.

Burnt Sugar palmade:
I use this on my girls heads. It helps to control the frizzes and fly aways. Has a great smell that lasts. A little goes a long way so don't OVER DO IT. Remember that too much product can weight the hair down.

Head to Toe Honey Wash: Can we say: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE IT!! Some may disagree with me on this product but I use this for hair and body. Great on the kiddos. The only this is that it doesn't lather like traditional body washes or soap for that matter. Still a great product. I would suggest that you a poof when using it, even on the kiddies.

Honey-Hemp condish:
Love this too. It smells great. And the thing is that you can use it as a leave in if you cut some with water in a spray bottle. I'd just rather use the GJ or the J&B rather than do that. But it's an option.

Shine & Define:
I also use this product on the girls hair. They have a grade of hair that is very fly away when dry. So when I braid their hair weekly I use little dabs of Shine and Define as I braid it. This is an essential for my kids hair.

Grand Poo Bar:
I only bought this ONCE. It's too complicated. If your use to's not here. NOTE: you have to CUT the bar because you can't manipulate it as is. And for long Big A's's a pain.

Of course there are things I want..but I'm a stick to the stuff I got. LOL


Oyin has a brick and mortar store. Check them out this weekend for the OPEN HOUSE.

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Hijabi Apprentice said...

I am an Oyin Honey too!! I love the Honey Hemp conditioner, Afterbath and Juice 'n Berries!! Those are my 3 must haves from Oyin.

Amina said...

another oyin girl, checking in!
If i go to the school, I might lost my