Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product Review-

Greetings Beauties!

I am doing a product review on a blouse I received from Artizara an Islamic fashion company. I just want to say I LOVE IT! As far as modesty is concerned, I think this is one of the best made garments I have worn from any of the Islamic clothing stores in a very long time. The material is high quality and it fits really nice. I waited until after I laundered the shirt to do the review. It washes well, and is easy to iron. I love the way the fabric falls. I found the shirt to be long enough for modesty, but not too long. The side slits open at the right length for me. I loved the sleeve length. Ladies, no one said you have to give up looking stylish and professional when you are dressed in modest, Islamicly appropriate clothing.

My only complaint is if you are a lady that is well endowed, you may not want to get a shirt that buttons from them. The cost was great. With shipping the total cost was less than $35.00. On the site there are things on there for every long as you are smaller than a size 20. I received plenty of complements on this top! My husband even liked it and he rarely admits he likes anything.

Check out the website, it is really user friendly! I love this shirt and look forward to ordering more things from them! They even have coordinating hijabs the items to help coordinate your hijab with your outfit. Now that is priceless beauties!
Keep Being Beautiful!

Umm Aminah Honest

FCC Disclaimer: This item was sent from the company for product review. None of the Beautiful Ummah Bloggers are employed by Artizara and all opinions expressed are original.


Coniqua said...

nice detailing in the front. I'll have to check them out.

Umm Amirah said...

its cute! I'm digging the jewlery. Hmmmmm

Maria said...

it looks great on you!

jiyapatel said...

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