Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting the Job done: Make up Tools

Salaams and Saluations Beauties!!!

So are you digging the NYC trip? I am!!! I'm getting the goody bags together as we speak!!

Anywhoo. Soooo Umm Amirah is on a 'make up fast' till the end of the year (le sigh), so I'm going to do this post about TOOLS. Tools are essential to created the perfect LOOK. Whether it's natural, nuetral or OUT THERE, if you don't have the right tools its NOT going to look right.

On YouTube, The Island Beauty has a great view of her tools. Now mind you, she lives in Japan and has access to tools not availalb state side. She uses MAC tools as well.

For ME, right now, I have Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target (great great great brushes) and some E.L.F studio brushes (great great brushes as well), that you can get from Target as well. E.L.F is a good place to start. Studio brushes are about $3.00 a piece. You can buy a start up set for like $10 on the website. I'm not sure if they have ALL the E.L.F stuff in Target stores as of yet.

The Sonia brushes I have are:

the powder brush
the foundation brush
the small eye shadow brush
the big eye shaddow brush

Here are a list of my ELF brushes:
eyeshaddow 'C' brush ( I want another)
fan brush
complextion brush
blush brush (which I use for bronzer)
small smudge brush

Coast Scents also has some economically friendly brushes. From the reviews on the site and YouTube they have some that are comparable to MAC brushes. Check them out here. They have badger hair brushes and synthetic brushes.

I'm not use if MAC is the bar..but they have some good brushes as well. If you want the FULL MONTEY of MAC brushes, check out Karlasugar here. She does a GREAT job of showing you all the brushes.

I have a MAC brush wish list:

I plan to pick these up in January when I go to NYC (due to my make up /make up related fast-lol)

Also there are sponges that I use for cream blushs, my Sephora eye lash curler (works great $5) and various lip brushes (CARGO) for my compact lippies.

What tools do you own?

B Beautiful

Umm Amirah