Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Person Illamasqua Review

Greetings Beauties!!!

Here is the long awaited view of my Illamasqua haul from I am so sad that the Sephora in this area do not have the Illmasqua displays yet. I am hoping the D/M/V gets one soon.

I have to admit, I was hating at first. I only tried fatal when I got the package and I am still not impressed with that color. It is no where near as rich as MAC's purple lines. It almost reminded me of Cover Girl or something. However, once I finished my large serving of hateraid I tried the other colors. To my surprise, the other colors that I ordered were very, very nice. I ordered one of the loose pigment was VERY nice. In comparison, MAC's eyeshadow choices are less expensive at 14.50 for 1.5grams verses Illmasqua's 20.00 for 2grams. All and all, these are good buys if you do not mind ordering on-line unless you are in the New York Area. I hope this review is helpful!

Here are the swatches and the look I created with these three colors. I had to add some of my MAC shadow in Parfait Amour Frost....


Amina said...

thank you for the review.
The swatches are beautiful..

B said...

Nice swatches, mama. Illa is soooo huge. I have yet to see it in person. And when I do I hope I don't fall in love because those prices are too rich for my blood. LOL!