Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Energy: Sewing

Salaams and Saluations ALL,
So....I have a LOT of energy and so I've decided to put all that energy in the sewing!! I've been inspired buy Pinterest to 'JUST DO IT' --lol. I've decided to make a major piece in my EID outfit myself. Thanks to Mimi G and her WONDERFUL blog I have faith in my ability. Below you see her version of Butterick pattern 5650 . She creates fabulous pleats and an obi type belt. Mine will NOT be that fab, but it will be nice. I plan to pair it with a nice structured jacket and white accessories mostly found on Etsy.

Mimi G and her impeccable style

I have started sewing some crafts so I believe I can take it to another level, me. There is also an All White Affair in my area after the EID and I'm thinking about making something for that too. I will either make it lined or wear the proper undergarments because I STILL have an issue with 'all white' being modest *Kanye shrug*

Simplicity 2584  *out of print*

This pattern (Simplicity 2584)is actually out of print ,so you will have to search for it. iA I will make dress longer and the verdict on the sleeves is still out. The event stays that you can have a pop of WHICH pop? Check out Mimi G's take on it here.

I've looked on  Amazon for help with sewing and Mimi actually suggests some books. I mean learning does stop and neither does modest FASHION. As an Imam once told me, everything has a halal.

Check here for updates on these two outfits soon, iA

B Beautiful,

Umm Amirah