Monday, May 24, 2010

NYC Make up Show


I just have to go STRAIGHT into this. Our little BU group started out early for the NYC Make up show. We got 1 day tickets because SOME poor people gotta work!!

Any whoo. The Make up show was great. Who did we see: BECCA, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Ignot,Stilla, Eve Pearl, Crown Brushes, and lots of newbies I didn't know. It seems like the BIG thing there was air brushed make up. I'm not a make artist was way over my head.

So the NYC Make up show comprises of vendors, make up artists, bloggers, press and make up enthusiasts. I guess I'm the later. It was soo nice to see most of the Make up bloggers I frequent. I only took a picture with ONE...too shy and insignificant to say a word.

Amina from Coup de Coeur. Masha~allah such a sweet person..and a real beauty.

After two hours of 'make up,make up, make up' the group was tired and hungry.

Please enjoy the pics.

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) BIG booth. Great discounts.



Eve Pearl was sooo down to earth. She did great demos.

Umm Aminah Honest

Next are the days hauls:

Crown Brushes

Finally got my foundation!!! 40% off!!

Great products. I have have two..the lip tints. Oh they double as a type of pot rouge.

great brush cleaner. smells great.

Hope you enjoyed...we surely did.
B Beautiful,
Umm Amirah

Been a long...we couldn't have left you

Salaams and Salutations,

Umm seems like LIFE has hit the Beautification team here at BU.

Umm lets see:
UmmAminahHonest...has a new ULTA. Koodos to her. If you ever in Silver Spring MD...look her up.

DynamicRadiance..had a BABY!!! Masha~allah..the new baby is a girl. She FINALLY got her girl. Mabrook (congrats lady)

HijabiApprentic ...has left BU **tear drops**. Her life is moving and shaking and we bid her a BIG thanks for her continued support of BU and all the articles she's blessed us with Well I'm starting a certificate program and trying to move. But we will try to catch up and keep up with you lovely ladies...

Be Beautiful!!
Umm Amirah