Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm such a LUSH

Salaams and Salutations Beauties...

Today I went to my local LUSH in Georgetown. I love LUSH. I love the way it smells, the cool people that work there, that I can play in EVERYTHING. LUSH is like a 'product junkies paradise' but it is SOOO eco friendly. I mean even the little yellow bags are bio-degradable!!

baby face, catastrophe cosmetic and tea tree water toner

I went in to only purchase a couple of products Baby Face make up remover and another face masque. Of course I milled around my favorite soaps, balm bombs, and skin soaps. I had seen Baby face on Amazon and I was dying to try it. Since LUSH is so close I decided NOT to order online.

Baby Face is a make up remover and all around face cleaner. Best to use with one of the many spray toners they carry. I purchased the Tea Tree Water Toner. Please note: One does NOT use this like a Please ask for a demo.

I also purchased Castastrophe Cosmetic which is a face mask. Its made with blueberries with is a natural antioxidant. It calms and cleans the skin. Can't wait to use it!!

Can't you see the blue tint?

I previously purchased Love Lettuce and I use it about once a week. Its a great exfoliate and is for normal to oily skin

This is what Love Lettuce looks like. I love this product.

So I can't wait to go back to LUSH. I received some great advice on hand lotion, cuticle cream, food cream and body wash.

Now mind you I already use a lot of LUSH products on my face. I totally recommend Coleface Cleanser as an everyday face soap, Angles on Bare Face which is an exfoliate and a cleanser, and Fresh Farmacy which is a pimple remover and calms all types of body breakouts.

So Eco beauties...LUSH is the place for you. Remember that it's not a dirty work....

B Beautiful!
Umm Amirah


The reverts secret said...

Salam o i love lush the bath bombs are the best!!!

B said...

I still have not tried LUSH. Ohmigoodness, I need to get on it!!

clare said...

I love Lush & used to go there waaaay too often when I worked down the street from the Georgetown store! I still stop by occasionally. I haven't tried Love Lettuce-
Brazed Honey is very nice but the scent is a little strong.