Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beauty on the Outside: Al-Mujalbaba

I know, it's been a while...but I'm finally posting to this new series.

Today I feature Al-Mujalbaba out of Jamacia Queens, NY. I came across Sister Jennah and her designs last year at the Masjid As-Saffat Annual Sister's conference. Every since she is my 'go to place' for hijabs and fashion forward work and casual clothes.

So enjoy and don't for get to check out her website!!

#1: What is the philosophy behind Al-Mujalbaba?

We at Al-Mujalbaba have always been dedicated to providing high quality, affordable garments that encompass the latest fashion/color trends are comfortable, useful and most important keeping to Islamic principles. For example, we have had great success introducing our "Sisters in the Hood" urban attire of denim jilbabs with zippers for breast feeding and pockets. The sisters love the utitlity of pockets on all of our jilbabs.

#2: Have you always had an eye for fashion?

Actually I love fabric, the colors, textures and I love to match. Most important I think I have an eye for fabric, seeing a fabric and having an idea of what to do with it. The fashion comes into play as a "how to". We have to cover and fashion, or what I sometimes call style of dressing, give us the how to. For example, how and with what will we cover our heads, what type of hijab, what type of jilbab, what type of fabric. It is very exciting to put all this together. At the same time keeping in mind the requests and needs of the sisters.

#3 When did you open your store?

We offcially opened the Al-Mujalbaba Boutique November 15, 2008. We opened our boutique in Queens, NY on Hillside Ave. a very up and coming area of Muslim activity. There are many shops on Hillside ave, two bakeries, a string of halal groceries, a spa, Al-Mujalbaba Boutique and many, many, halal eateries, not to mention the various Masajids and Islamic centers in the area. Al-Mujalbaba is the first of this type of boutique in the area .

#4: What drives you to bring modest affordable fashions to American sisters?

What drives me is to have the sisters looking their best in their modest clothing, wherever they may be. We cannot discount the fact that we are in America and have jobs, go to school, are full-time moms, etc, and want to look our best and we all have our own individual style. We at Al-Mujalbaba like to keep everyone in their style, comfortable in their own skin, their own situation.

#5: What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty can best be described as what Allah(swt) has described as beauty for us Muslimahs and when we adhere to that, we are pleasing to him and those around us.

Check out Sister Jennah online at Al-Mujalbaba. She'a also on Facebook!!

The store front

Clothing in stock (takin during the winter)

More clothing in stock (takin during the winter)

Can you say 'Hijabs'?

Umm Amirah in one of her first Al-mujalbaba hijabs.

Dynamic Radiance and Umm Amirah at the store.

Umm Nahdia sittin pretty.

Umm Amirah at the Sister's Conference.

Umm Amirah in a Al-mujalbab outfit.

B Beautiful
Umm Amirah


Amina said...

those hijabs are goooorgeous!!!
you are so beautiful mashallah :)

Umm Amirah said...

Awww thanks a bunch...u Too!!