Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coastal Scents Haul

Salaams and Salutations Beauties...

I got it!! I got it!! My coastal scents 78 make-up palette!! If you check out YouTube you can see BIG raves about coastal scents. From Mineral make up, to brushes (comparable to MAC without the MAC price tag), to the palette. During December the 88 make up palette was the rave. But I thought to my self..'Do you really need 88 eye shadows?' I bought the 78 make up palette. The palette includes: 60 Eye shadows, 12 highlighting and liner shades, 6 blushers, and it's only $21.95!!! Truly a great buy for those who are short on cash but want to venture into shades and blushes.

a free sample came with the

Some of the colors are matte and some are shimmery

I hope you likey. Please let me know when you get your, what you thing.

B beautiful,
Umm Amirah


iMuslimah said...


That kit looks quite yummy. Love the colors.

Have you tried any cosmetics from the Body Shop? All of their products are absoultely divine and reasonably priced. Plus, I love the philosophy of the company; they are socially responsible and try to help build sustainable communities etc.... they are also supporters of anti domestic violence efforts.

Nice blog. Happy coloring ;)


Umm Amirah said...

I've never tried Body Shop stuff. I try to stick to small companies such as Pure Luxe and Moi Minerals. I'm believe that MAC/Body shop/ and Sephora don't have a lock on the make up business.

I have also become a lover of Etsy..omg. It has everyting I need. lol . Thanks for viewing..please do come around again.

iMuslimah said...

What do you mean "a lock on the makeup biz"?

Im a dunce due to sleep deprivation lol. HA will attest!

Will have to check Etsy.

The Body Shop is more about skin care than make up but OH MAN. Their creams, lotions, butters, exfoliants, sera, whips, purees and oils are to die for. Cosmetics are buttery soft and the shades are quite tasty.

Im so going for a haul this weekend.

Now-I want some bewty advice ;) My cheeks are rosey, how do I reduce the redness?

Ciao bella & assalamu alaykum,


Hijabi Apprentice said...

don't have a lock on the make up business = there are other vendors/brands that are just as good.

Regarding the rosy cheeks, if you've ruled out any underlying medical conditions, you could try something like Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme or to cover it up you could try a "color corrector" concealer.