Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pearl Daisy haul (most recent)

Salaams and Salutations Ladies

So I have a Pearl Daisy obsession. At first when I FIRST saw the hoojab video..I was like, "I'm NOT getting into the hype'...well that went out the window when I purchased my 1st hoojab.

Pearl Daisy
is run buy Sister Amena, she love of hijab into a J.O.B. (not made at her) On her YouTube channel, Amenakin, she does hijab tutorials, make up tutorials, drops ilm, and baby product reviews. Check it out.
Most recent haul
Drape hijabs: pink drape (fushia), coco bean drape and greycious drape

Thin scarves: Pansies in the Sky (blue), Rose Fluer (peach), Victorian Spring(brown), Floaty Flowers(cream)

Crinkle scarf: Sprinkles Hyacinth

Please check her channel for tutorials on these styles and others. Note that Pearl Daisy is a UK store and the British pound is KILLING the US dollar. Go in and share the shipping with a friend or wait for promo codes and the like.
Me in some of my Pearl Daisy collection:

Dark as night (black) hoojab with an accessory

Evening Mela hijab

Da Vince thin scarf

Cherry Blossom Hoojab

PD tip: Hand wash these hijabs. Some are very delicate and can snag easily. Crinkle Scarves can be stored in a twist so that they STAY that way. Or they can be ironed out for a new look.
Hope you enjoyed that.

B Beautiful

Umm Amirah


Hijabi Apprentice said...

I love the Da Vinci scarf!!!