Monday, June 27, 2011

Beauty on the Outside: LiaWear Interview

Salaams and Salutations Beautifuls,

Did you all follow Love HFW this year? Well they included sports wear this year. I WAS SOOOOO excited. Did I participate??...sadly no..but I'm thinking about doing so the next one this fall.

Back to the fashions during Hijabi Fashion Week there was only TWO sister that profiled swimwear as workout wear and it WASN'T LiaWear (sad inside). Check out *bluewendy* and *Kakikusukaberialan*. Of course there were lots of attempts to piece together workout wear. Most did a great job but its better to have something made for you that fits the activity you want to do, whether its swimming or zumba or yoga. Well we're so happy to have LiaWear!!!

Beautiful Ummah: What is the philosophy behind LiaWear?

LiaWear: GET ACTIVE. KEEP MODEST. LiaWear allows you to get in motion and take care of the body you have been blessed with. I want for modest women to experience life, not just sit on the sidelines. Being fit adds quality to your life and that is what I want for my sisters. Women who are already active have pieced together outfits. Women who are not, stay inactive. LiaWear offers sportswear and swimsuits as a solution for the woman who values modesty.

BU: Have you always had an eye for fashion?

LW: I have always had an eye and love for detail and quality. My strength is in garment construction, I love a well made garment and do my best to offer the same. When I was younger, my mother took me to different Muslim Fashion shows and I just loved the color, excitement and beauty of the designs.

BU: What types of products to you provide for your line?

LW: Currently, I offer modest swimsuits, coverups, jogging suits, long sleeve tunic tees, sport hijabs, yoga wear, and workout wear. Each design is custom made to the size and shape of the customer. I love collaborating with customers because the synergy usually produces a new design or a unique idea. This is how I now offer a nursing swimsuit and a water park swimsuit. I have been asked to design a horse riding outfit, too! Answering the needs of the modest woman is my service to community.

BU: What drives you to bring modest affordable fashions to American sisters?

LW: The fact that American sisters don't have everything they need in terms of clothing choices. I have traveled to Syria, Dubai and Yemen and there are choices available particularly in Dubai. If an American sister registered for an exercise class and needs to buy a long sleeve T-shirt that covers her, she should be able to so. The same if she needs a modest business suit for work, or a fancy dress for a party. One day I would like to offer all these clothing categories for my Muslim sister so that she can be free to express herself in every facet of her life without compromising her deen. Wouldn't it be nice to have the right modest outfit for any occasion already in your closet?

BU: What is your definition of beauty?

LW: Symmetry. I love when color, design detail, shape and size are all balanced.

Jazkallah Kheir Sister Latifa for participating. Check out Sister Latifah and LiaWear on FB here. Or email her for more info at liawear (at) gmail (dot)com. Size is NO problem. I actually have one cover up that I love. Soon to purchase swim suits for my kids. LiaWear also has LiaWear Prayer...also on facebook. Prayer garments for adults and kids.

B Beautiful!
Umm Amirah

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Ummah Trunk Show update....

Asalaamu Alaikum LADIES!!
Long time no TYPE...

All is is just BUSY. Alhumdulillah for live, and Alhumdulillah for its busy-ness!

So I've done about 3 hijab tutorials in the past couple of month. Its been SOOO fun showing sister's different ways to wear hijab. Everyday, fancy, and with a little somethin' somethin' you know.

Below are a couple of the styles hijabs that BUTS carries.

I have two more hijab workshops before EID...staying busy.