Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession-Proof Beauty

So words like budget and frugal aren't exactly sexy but neither is eating Top Ramen in a cold apartment whilst rocking the newest makeup look! This is the first installment of the Recession Proof Beauty! As a SAHM (stay at home mom) I've had to become a lot more fiscally responsible but I still want to look good ;). So here are some tips to stay fabulous on a budget!

*Set a beauty budget! Set aside a specified beauty allowance for each month. If you know you want to splurge this month because MAC Hello Kitty collection comes out perhaps next month you can just pick up a couple of inexpensive drugstore items.

*Catch the sales!! Do you know how quickly I placed an order when I got the email Sephora was having friends and family discount? I am on mailing lists for all my fave brands and stores so I'm among the first to know when sales happen and I tell all my girlfriends!

*Samples are your friends! Request them often. You think the Sephora chick is giving you the stink eye? The sales associate at Nordstrom is acting snooty? SO WHAT! You better get your samples ladies! I have tested products that are SO not in my budget this way.

*Know what you can go cheap on and know what you should splurge on! For me I don't like spending a ton of money on mascara or colored eyeliners so I get those at the drugstore typically; however I splurge on my skincare products, blush and foundations/concealers.

*Shop your stash! Keep an inventory of your beauty booty! I have bought a duplicate product because I didn't know I already had it.

*Shop your friends stash! I like to have product trades with my friends (I've done this with Purvis, Umm Amirah and my MIL). If that Bobbi Brown lippie didn't work for you maybe your friend can use it. Khadija didn't like that NARS blush? Well perhaps it is your lucky day!

*Get multi-purpose items! I like to be able to get a couple of different uses out of products. My body oil, for instance, can also double as a hot oil treatment!

*Experiment with making your own products! This is a personal favorite of mine! I go to the kitchen and use over ripe avocados or banana as skin or hair treatments. I use honey for a head to toes moisturizer. Oatmeal for a body scrub etc!

Those are just a few tips but I will share more with you on the next installment!




UmmAminahHonest said...

I can show you how you can make some extra cash with the cosmetics fetish, LOL. Let me know if you are interested.

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